Zhongxin Finance, June 1 (Zuo Yukun) "For a Duck Duck, I took my five-year-old nephew and asked around several KFCs around. The nephew said I was very hungry, so I don't want toys to eat first? I said it has nothing to do with you, that toy is mine!"

  This summer, a "singing and dancing" magic duck that was presented in the KFC children's package has become another generation of top Internet celebrities.

No one knows how many adults who want to sneak a toy are hidden in the crowd who lively celebrated the "June 1st" Children's Day.

wooden block.

Photo courtesy of Keeppley brand

Adult eating kids meal for toys

  Twenty years ago and twenty years later, the same group of people squatted in KFC to buy children's packages.

  In many childhoods born in the 1980s and 1990s, children's packages were still "luxury meals" that could only be eaten on important days such as birthdays and festivals.

And the children's set toys, which never know what they are giving, have a prototype of a "blind box" early.

  Fill your tummy belly with Burger Coke, and leave a happy memory with toys.

There are many children's toys in the shopping mall, but how can there be a "soul" that you can eat with sincerity?

  Children who eat children's meals have grown up, have a stable source of income, and have the capital to pay for "happiness".

Children's meal plans have become the carrier of their childhood memories. Ele.me statistics show that on the eve of "June 1" in 2021, the sales of children's meal plans will increase by 50% from the previous month, and 40% of the buyers are post-95s, and young people are becoming children's meals. largest consumer group.

  Regardless of whether it is Da Duck, or Lingna Belle, Bing Dun Dun and other toys that seem to be quite "young", the number of adult users has already surpassed that of children and has become the main consumer group.

  "Within an acceptable range, buying a little toy will really make me feel full of happiness, and it will make me feel that in this adult world where I will be surpassed if I don't work hard, I still have the right to be a child." Some netizens So, after all, who is not a baby of hundreds of months?

Domestic building block toys.

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Building blocks become young people's favorite toy

  Of course, the toys that adults like are far more than cute cartoon dolls.

On May 31, the "Tmall Trend Toy Industry White Paper" released by Tmall shows that the toy market is becoming more mature, and the compound annual growth rate of trendy and collectible toys has reached 26%.

  Among them, building blocks have become the category with the highest repurchase attribute among the industry categories. At present, the building blocks category has covered the demands of people of all ages from 1.5 to 90 years old.

  The post-95s Xiao Xue is a young man who loves building blocks.

"I always feel that I am too impetuous and it is difficult to concentrate. But when I am building blocks, I am immersed in it, and I feel that the whole person can calm down." Xiaoxue introduced the reason why he loves building blocks.

  "Many domestic building blocks are now made to look good, and there are more types than Lego. And many of them are everyone's childhood IPs, which are more likely to resonate and are more down-to-earth. Especially some national style series, they are really good-looking. "Xiao Xue told Zhongxin Finance and Economics.

  At the same time, another major advantage of domestic building blocks is the high cost performance.

"For some products of similar size and style, foreign brands can sell five times or more than domestic brands. For young people who are still renting, they buy more small products with a few hundred pieces, and domestic brands are basically the same. It only sells for dozens of dollars, and it doesn’t feel bad to buy it at ordinary times.”

  Of course, there are many areas for improvement for domestic brands that have just started.

"For example, the drawings of some products are not detailed enough, and the occlusion is also a little bit worse, all of which can be done better."

  "More and more adults have become loyal fans of the building block trendy toys. The toy industry is no longer just a product on the manufacturing production line, and the requirements for design creativity are getting higher and higher." Chinese Academy of Social Sciences National Survey and Big Data Research Zhao Kebin, secretary general of the center, believes that only by focusing on promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure can toy companies become solid, strong and excellent.

Martial Arts Gaiden Building Blocks.

Photo courtesy of Pantasy.

The way of making domestic building blocks bigger and stronger

  Not long ago, "The post-95 guy used 6514 building blocks to restore the Tongfu Inn" also became a hot search.

The building block designer, with his restored "Tongfu Inn" building block model, became popular on the Internet, evoking the childhood memories of many young people watching "Wulin Biography".

The team behind this set of building blocks is Pinqi, a local cutting-edge building block brand.

  "Now in the market, LEGO's international first-line brands are more of Western culture sets, and everyone has come up with the idea of ​​making a local Chinese original building block brand to carry forward Chinese traditional culture." said Tango, a product partner of Pinqi.

  In Tango's view, building blocks are not functional products, but like other spiritual consumer goods, they are carriers for conveying personal preferences, cultural aesthetics, value propositions, and emotional sustenance.

"As a local brand, we hope to use building blocks as a carrier and language to make film and television IP derivatives. The so-called 'adult-oriented' and 'collectible' building blocks not only carry memory and culture, but also have a great impact on building block products and copyright owners. It's a win-win.”

  There are many local trendy play brands like Pinqi.

At present, building blocks have become the largest subdivided toy category on Taobao Tmall.

Each tiny building block has created a market of tens of billions of dollars on Taobao and Tmall.

  When purchasing building blocks on e-commerce platforms, it is not difficult to find that many products are shipped in Shantou, Guangdong.

Data shows that in Chenghai District, Shantou, Guangdong, known as the "Toy Capital of China", the building blocks produced by the toy supply chain have exceeded 50% of the market.

In the past two years, Chenghai has transformed and grown more than 100 new building blocks brands, such as Senbao Building Blocks, Keeppley, Pinqi, Toptoy, etc.

  Lin Zezhe, a young man born in the 1985s, has been making toys in Chenghai for nearly 20 years, and he founded the national tide building block brand Senbao Building Blocks.

Founded in 2003, Senbao was mainly OEM until 2012.

Today, with the method of "Chinese culture + Chinese brand + Chinese quality", the brand of Guochao building blocks has been comprehensively innovated and has become an export for the transformation of Chenghai's toy industry belt.

  "In the past, everyone would only do processing, but now they are constantly creating new brands through e-commerce platforms, launching new products of Guochao's original IP, and making innovations and changes for the toy market of adults and children." Lin Zezhe said.

  "Children buy toys for themselves, which will be limited by their parents' budget, but adults can buy toys for themselves because I like it, so I want it." Keeppley general manager Jan Kada also mentioned that people may only say that this toy is cheap before. Now I will slowly say that the quality of this toy is good and the design is good. This is something that gives me a sense of accomplishment.