Zhongxin Finance, June 1. According to the news on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the 1st, 11 departments including the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and the Ministry of Transport recently issued the "Coordinating the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic". "Guidelines for Prevention and Control and "Vegetable Basket" Products Guaranteeing Supply and Price Stabilization", taking multiple measures to smooth the transportation channels for "vegetable basket" products.

  It states:

  (1) Focus on improving transportation efficiency.

Strictly implement the "green channel" policy

for the transportation of fresh and live agricultural products, and waive vehicle tolls for vehicles that legally load and transport products specified in the unified National Catalogue of Fresh and Live Agricultural Products


It is strictly forbidden to block traffic such as illegal road closures, and ensure smooth roads to key places such as vegetable bases, livestock and poultry aquaculture farms, aquatic fry and seed production enterprises, slaughtering and processing enterprises, and agricultural product wholesale markets.

Expressway toll stations and service areas should be fully opened.

Encourage qualified regions to provide free nucleic acid testing services for drivers and passengers.

It is necessary to scientifically and rationally set up epidemic prevention checkpoints and notify them in a timely manner.

Give full play to the advantages of railway and waterway transportation to ensure the transportation of agricultural production materials and "vegetable basket" products.

  (2) Optimizing epidemic prevention and circulation measures.

In accordance with the requirements that

vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, milk, aquatic products and other "vegetable basket" products and feed, young livestock and poultry, breeding livestock and poultry, veterinary drugs, pesticides, fertilizers and other agricultural production materials are included in the scope of normalized epidemic prevention and control key guarantee materials

, Prioritize the issuance of the "Vehicle Pass for the Transportation of Key Materials" to achieve fast application and fast handling, national mutual recognition, and priority in transportation, loading and unloading, inspection, and release.

Accurately implement the management of drivers and passengers of "vegetable basket" products and agricultural production materials transportation vehicles, and strictly implement the requirements of "picking and chasing" + "personnel closed-loop management". If the nucleic acid test result exceeds 48 hours upon arrival at the destination, the "nucleic acid test + antigen test" method can be adopted. If

the antigen test result is negative, it must be released immediately

, and the passage of vehicles shall not be restricted on the grounds of waiting for the nucleic acid test result.

The drivers and passengers with the green number * on the communication itinerary card will take the initiative to report the vehicle, the itinerary and the "two certificates and two codes" and other information. Those that meet the requirements of epidemic prevention, the epidemic prevention inspection points such as highway entrances and exits should be released in time.

Timely update and release the control measures for "vegetable basket" products and agricultural production materials transportation vehicles to facilitate the inquiry and understanding of drivers and passengers.

Cities that are closed to the whole region shall issue the "Vehicle Passes for the Transportation of Key Materials" in a timely and sufficient amount, and manage them in accordance with the "one vehicle, one certificate and one route" method to ensure that vehicles can make multiple round trips within the validity period.

  (3) Do a good job in emergency transit.

Areas with severe epidemics should rely on the material transfer and transfer stations, connection stations or distribution stations established in logistics parks (hub stations, express parks) and expressway service areas around the city to do a good job in the emergency transfer and transportation of "vegetable basket" products.

Cities that are closed in the whole region should activate the transit and transportation sites as soon as possible and announce the activation information, and strictly follow the principle of "one vehicle, one disinfect, no cross-operation, and no contact between people" to solve the problem of cross-regional transportation of "vegetable basket" products.

Implement closed-loop management for drivers and passengers, and implement "whitelist" management of communication big data itinerary cards for "vegetable basket" product transport vehicles and drivers and passengers entering and leaving the city's transit and transportation sites that are closed throughout the region, provided that they meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control Mode, no yellow codes, no seals, no on-site isolation, and those who can strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures such as health monitoring and nucleic acid testing after returning, do not need to be isolated in principle.