The government has decided to revise and announce the announced price realization plan as early as November and apply it from next year to alleviate the burden on the public due to the public price increase.

In addition, we decided to start a full review of the announced price system itself and announce a plan for reorganization within next year.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced today that starting tomorrow (2nd), the public price realization plan will be reviewed and research services will begin to come up with a plan to improve the disclosure system.

Previously, the Moon Jae-in government announced a plan to realize the published price in November 2020 and presented a goal to raise the published price, which is the tax base for property tax and comprehensive real estate tax, to 90% of the market price by 2030.

However, as real estate prices surged and the real estate price was realized, complaints arose that the tax burden of single-homeowners as well as multi-homeowners was excessively aggravated.

In response, President Yun Seok-yeol accepted these criticisms during his candidacy and promised to re-establish a plan to realize the public price, and after his election, he selected it as a national task.

Through this research service, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport plans to review the realization plan for the published price, study the improvement plan of the disclosure system, and apply it to the field.

First, we analyze the implementation results of the target realization rate (90%) and the target achievement period (5-15 years) presented in the realization plan established in 2020, and come up with a plan for correction and supplementation.

Currently, the realization rate of the announced price has risen to 71.5% for apartment houses, 71.4% for standard land, and 57.9% for detached houses.

The current realization plan has been criticized for having a high level of target realization and a high public price increase over the past two years, greatly affecting the tax and welfare system, thereby increasing the burden on the public.

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The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport re-examined the appropriateness of the current target realization rate in consideration of the commemoration of an appropriate published price through research services and overseas cases, and also reviewed the target achievement period in the direction of restoring the balance of the realization rate among individual real estate and reducing the burden on the public. I decided to do it.

In particular, considering the fact that the sensitivity to the announced price has increased during the real estate price surge in the past two years, it is also possible to review a plan to establish a flexible adjustment mechanism, such as temporarily suspending the application of the realization plan when there is an external shock such as an economic crisis or a sharp rise in real estate prices. did it with

Fundamental improvement measures for the announced price system itself are also subject to study.

Methods to apply different price standards in various administrative systems that use published prices are also reviewed.

Currently, the published price is being used as the standard for a total of 67 administrative systems, such as property tax, estate tax, health insurance premium, development levy, and recovery of excess profits from reconstruction. no see.

In order to improve the accuracy and transparency of the published price, measures to expand the role of local governments are reviewed, and the need for improvement of the published price calculation system is also reviewed.

In addition, we also review measures to improve the disclosure period and timing of the disclosure price, and the scope and format of disclosure of information related to the disclosure price.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport decided to form an expert advisory committee with the participation of academia, related institutions, and local governments to review major issues every month and collect opinions from various fields while conducting research services.

In the review of the publicly announced price realization plan, after research services and public hearings, we plan to come up with a plan to revise and supplement it in November and apply it from the announcement next year.

The plan to improve the system is targeted to be announced next year.

"Through this research service and advisory committee activities, we will come up with a reasonable improvement plan to minimize the burden on the public according to the realization plan and to make the disclosure system more reliable by the public," said Lee Rang, head of the real estate appraisal division of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.