China News Service, Shanghai, June 1st (Reporter Jiang Yu) "The reopening after more than two months is the result of the concerted fight against the epidemic." Chen Yuanyuan, manager of the Lego toy store in Shanghai Xingye Taikoo Hui shopping mall, told China-Singapore on the 1st. The reporter said.

In the store, parents are taking their children to choose gifts, in good order. On the occasion of International Children's Day, LEGO launched two limited-edition toys nationwide simultaneously, and they were sold out within an hour.

  With the major phased results achieved in the Great Shanghai Defence War, from June 1, normal production and living order will be fully restored in Shanghai. People will flow, vehicles will be on the road, and supermarkets and department stores will resume operations.

  Xingye TaiKoo Hui is located on Nanjing West Road, the most prosperous area in Shanghai. Currently, more than 100 merchants have resumed business, and the remaining merchants will also submit applications for market resumption as soon as possible.

All entrances and exits of the mall have been deployed with "site code" or "digital sentinel" intelligent health inspection machines. Consumers can enter the venue after wearing masks and displaying health information through mobile phones.

  "To you who haven't seen you for a long time: every day we look forward to the moment when we meet you again. The promise made in spring will finally be realized in early summer", this is the letter written to consumers by Shanghai Raffles City during the static management of the whole area in Shanghai .

  On the same day, Raffles City in People's Square also resumed offline business.

Wang Xin, the representative of the settled merchants and the head chef of Shanghai Banu Maodu Hotpot Co., Ltd., said that the main entrances and exits of the shopping mall and take-out meals will be atomized and disinfected every hour, and the freight elevators and passages will be manually disinfected every two hours. Customers need to hold 72 Hours of valid nucleic acid negative certificate for admission.

  In addition to the "online reservation and pick-up" in restaurants, other Raffles merchants have opened customers to shop in the store.

"As a hot pot restaurant, we still hope to open dine-in as soon as possible," Wang Xin said with a smile.

  Adidas' largest brand store in the Asia-Pacific region, located in the commercial center of the No. 1 Department Store on East Nanjing Road, was the first to resume the market at the end of May. Open successively.

According to Xiao Jiale, managing director of Adidas Greater China, customers entering the store are currently required to implement an appointment system and adopt a current limit of 50 people per hour.

  New World Mall, No. 1 Department Store, Yongan Department Store, Xintiandi Plaza, No. 1 Yaohan, Oriental Plaza, Jingyao Qiantan, Bailian South Shopping Center, etc. These well-known “business cards” in Shanghai’s major business districts are all available on the same day. Re-emerging, the usual Shanghai is returning fast.

As Wang Sizheng, chairman of the Shanghai Society of Macroeconomics, said: "With the victory in the fight against the epidemic, our focus should shift to 'fighting the economic defense of Greater Shanghai'." (End)