4-star facilities and apartments dominate the map of future projects

«Economy and Tourism»: 8,576 new hotel rooms in Dubai by the end of 2023

  • Dubai will be home to one of the world's largest and most diverse hotel markets.



The Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai revealed that the size of the hotel market in Dubai will reach 146,526 hotel rooms at the end of next year 2023, compared to 137,950 hotel rooms at the end of 2021.

Figures show that more than 8,576 new hotel rooms will enter the market by the end of next year.

future projects

The department stated in its annual report on the performance of the tourism sector for the year 2021, that while five-star hotel facilities and luxury resorts still constitute the largest part of the market size, at 34%, four-star facilities and medium hotel apartments dominate the project map. New future prospects that are expected to enter the market in the coming period.

The department added that four-star hotel rooms are expected to register an annual growth rate of 4% from 2021 to 2023, while hotel apartments are expected to grow by 12% during the same comparison period, compared to a growth of up to 2% for luxury hotel projects. Five-star hotel, emphasizing that Dubai will be home to one of the world's largest and most diversified hotel markets.

Product diversification

Deputy CEO of Al-Rais Travel Company, Mohammed Jassim Al-Rais, said that Dubai's tourism strategy aims to make the emirate the most visited city in the world, and receive 25 million visitors annually by 2025, noting that these plans require adding more rooms. hotel in line with the expected levels of demand during the coming period.

Al-Rayes added that in addition to the growth in the size of the hotel market, the figures show greater growth rates for medium-sized four-star hotel rooms and hotel apartments, pointing to the importance of this in the context of more diversification in the tourism product, to suit the requirements of different types of visitors, especially middle-income earners. , or visitors who want affordable accommodation in exchange for spending more on services and entertainment destinations.

investment attractiveness

Al-Rais indicated that more medium-sized hotel rooms and apartments will contribute to reducing the average cost of accommodation, which increases the popularity of Dubai as a prominent destination for various categories and segments of visitors, pointing out that the continuous growth in new hotel establishments entering the market indicates the attractiveness of tourism investment in the emirate, which is one of the The most successful markets attracting these investments, given the continuous growth in the levels of tourist flow, and the establishments achieving strong performance rates in terms of prices and revenues, supported by high occupancy.

He stressed that Dubai is a prominent tourist destination at the global level, and a destination for millions of international visitors annually, due to its attractiveness and the services it provides, as well as adding more unique entertainment destinations every year.

strong performance

For his part, CEO of Time Hotels Group, Muhammad Awadallah, said that the hotel market in Dubai recorded strong performance levels during the post-Covid-19 pandemic, and achieved great results in the first quarter of this year.

He added that the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai is currently working to attract visitors from new markets, as part of its promotional efforts to diversify the exporting markets for international visitors, explaining that the new hotel projects come within the framework of the demand for the tourism sector in Dubai.

The areas of hotel rooms The hotel rooms in Dubai were distributed among 10 main areas, as the “Deira” area acquired 22% of the total hotel capacity available in the city at the end of 2021, equivalent to 29,726 hotel rooms, followed by the “Al Barsha” area with 13%, with It is equivalent to 17,923 hotel rooms, then the “Jumeirah” area by 12%, with 16,440 hotel rooms, then “Downtown Dubai” by 10%, and the other rooms were distributed in the rest of the regions.

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