Today (1st), which is Wednesday and local election day, it will be mostly sunny across the country.

The air is very dry, especially in Yeongnam, southern Gangwon, and parts of North Chungcheong, where a dry warning has been issued.

Today's high temperature is 28 degrees in Seoul, 31 degrees in Daejeon and Gwangju, and 32 degrees in Daegu.

The temperature difference between day and night will be 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, with the daytime temperature rising to around 30 degrees centered on the inland, so you need to take care of your health.

The Korea Meteorological Administration warned that strong winds of over 15 meters with instantaneous wind speed will blow around Yeongdong, Gangwon, and urged people to pay attention to facility management and safety accidents.

Due to the smooth diffusion of the atmosphere, today's fine dust concentration across the country is expected to range from 'good' to 'normal'.

Tomorrow, Thursday, will be mostly sunny throughout the country, but there will be occasional clouds in the west until morning.

(Photo = Yonhap News)