Last year, an international organization summarized the findings that EV = electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles sold worldwide have more than doubled from the previous year.

Most of them are from China, Europe and the United States, and their spread is far ahead of Japan.

According to a report released this month by the IEA = International Energy Agency, the total number of EVs sold worldwide and plug-in hybrid vehicles that can be charged from the outside was about 6.6 million last year.

It is 2.2 times the previous year and accounts for about 9% of total new car sales.

By country, China had 3.33 million units, about 2.9 times the previous year, the United States had 630,000 units, about 2.1 times, Germany had 680,000 units, about 1.7 times, the United Kingdom had 310,000 units, about 1.8 times, and France had 30 units. It was about 1.7 times with 10,000 units.

On the other hand, although the number of units in Japan increased 1.5 times, it remained at 44,000 units, and the composition that is greatly ahead of the spread in China, Europe and the United States is clear.

Regarding the factors, the IEA cites that the subsidy system has been significantly expanded in addition to the policy to gradually reduce the sales of new gasoline vehicles or to ban them in the future in each country.

Sanshiro Fukao, senior researcher at ITOCHU Research Institute, who is familiar with the industry, said, "EVs are relatively expensive even if they are traded in as used cars, so more and more people are buying new cars. It's important for you. "