Maximilien Carlier (in Lille), edited by Solène Leroux 06:14, May 29, 2022

It's one of the biggest days of the year for florists: Mother's Day.

Particularity this year: it falls during the Ascension Bridge.

With weekend departures, there are fewer people in the shops.

This is what florists in the Lille metropolis fear.

It's Mother's Day !

And like every year, it's one of the busiest working days for florists.

But this year it falls during the Ascension Bridge, which goes hand in hand with a long weekend.

Enough to fear fewer people in the shops of florists, such as those in Lille.

In this shop in the city center, dozens of bouquets of flowers already wrapped.

Stéphanie, the manager of the "Tropic Fleurs" shop, prepares flower arrangements.

"Carnation, germini and rose. Lots of colors, fuchsia, orange and green. It has to snap," she says at the microphone of Europe 1.

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From -20% to -30% of turnover

She composed no less than 200 bouquets in total for this Mother's Day 2022. This is a hundred less compared to last year.

The orders are adjusted, because the turnover should drop according to this manager: "We unfortunately think that we will be around -20%, even -30% of turnover, because it is the biggest party of the year, so for sure if everyone is gone, there will be fewer sales."

The only way to compensate with this Ascension Bridge is home deliveries, which are more numerous.

"If we have to throw flowers, we won't sleep all night"

Concern, there is also in Nicolas, manager of the shop "A flower for you".

"Sunday at 3 p.m., if we have to throw bouquets, we won't sleep all night," he says.

"We will have customers, that's for sure, but we will have fewer."

This boss even plans to modify his hours for Mother's Day: close later, for those who come back from the weekend and who wish to offer a bouquet.