As interest in vegetarianism is growing, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has made related ordinances and is providing separate guidelines for vegetarian restaurants.

However, there were also foods that included meat as well as seafood on the vegetarian menu.

Reporter Jang Se-man, an environmental expert, covered the story.

<Reporter> This

is a vegetarian restaurant information site in Seoul.

It was opened in accordance with the Vegetarian Support Ordinance enacted in March last year.

I went to the porridge house introduced on the site.

Seven kinds of abalone porridge and octopus kimchi porridge are on the vegetarian menu.

It is explained that there are several stages of vegetarianism that allow the consumption of seafood, but vegetarians respond that it is difficult to understand.

The World Vegetarian Federation defines vegetarianism as a diet that does not eat meat, fish or seafood.

[Lee Won-bok/CEO of the Korean Vegetarian Association: In Korea, pesco and fish vegetarians are also included in the vegetarian category, but that does not meet international standards.]

Another lunch box restaurant, a vegetarian site in Seoul, introduced this place as vegetarian. , The main menu is beef bulgogi, but only rice is namul-bap.

[Porridge restaurant employee: (Do you not sell only rice porridge except for bulgogi?) Then the calculation becomes complicated.]

After analyzing all the data registered on this site, there are 840 restaurants in Seoul with at least one vegetarian menu. , and the number of individual vegetarian menus exceeded 7,000.

However, nearly half of them included seafood, and more than 2,000 items such as salads and breads such as sandwiches were also included in the vegetarian diet.

82% of the entire menu.

In order to expand vegetarian options, it is necessary to develop a variety of menus using alternative meats and alternative seafood.

In addition, we need to increase the number of vegetarian restaurants, but we also need a policy that encourages any restaurant to have one or two genuine vegetarian menus.

(Video editing: Eunjin Choi, VJ: Hyunwoo Park)