An imported car manufacturer informed me that the engine may suddenly turn off and should be recalled.

When I contacted them in a hurry, I got a reply that they could fix it only next winter, not this winter.

It's just been said to ride for a year and a half.

Reporter Jo Yoon-ha has reported.


Mr. A, who purchased a Land Rover SUV 6 years ago, was recently contacted to receive a recall.

It was accompanied by a warning that the engine could be turned off due to a fault in the engine, etc.

He hurriedly called the service center, and was told that they could only fix it at the end of November next year.

[Mr A: 'Is next November the earliest?

Please make a reservation for that, too,' and it was November 29th.

It 's actually December.]

It was a car I bought to safely ride my twins, but it's a version that I have to carry with me for over a year and a half.

[Mr A: I don't even think about carrying a child on the ride only when I'm alone.

It's dizzying to see a video of someone really stopping (car) on a highway or something.

This could be my story.]

Indeed, the reporters visited the service center.

Then, they said that reservations for next year are now full, so it is only possible after the year.

[Seoul Gwangjin-gu ○○ Service Center: Our year 2023 is full.

Moving on to 2024, now.

(Do I have to wait until next year?) Yes, they are very full.] The

same goes for other regional service centers.

[Seoul Yongsan-gu ○○ Service Center: We can move on to the next year.

(In 2024?) Yes, it may take longer.] This

was because the service centers were insufficient compared to the number of units sold in the first place.

Jaguar Land Rover Korea only replied, "It takes a long time to build, so it is difficult to increase the center."

It seems that supplementary measures are necessary, such as signing a contract with an external repair shop, even until all recalled cars are repaired.

(Video coverage: Hyung Yoon, Video editing: Ki-duk Park, VJ: Young-sam Jeong)