Politics has woken up, albeit late, industry is dreaming on.

If Foreign Minister Baerbock says that the principle of "change through trade" has failed in Belarus, then the same applies to Russia - and to China.

Everyone is saying that Putin's aggression could have been seen coming.

Nevertheless, Germany did nothing, but only increased its energy dependency.

Long before the revelations about Xinjiang, China's human rights abuses and its muscle flexing around island groups in Hong Kong, Taiwan, were also well known.

But many didn't want to see that, especially not the industry.

She has been doing brilliant business there for decades and is constantly expanding her dependency.

No wonder Industry President Siegfried Russwurm is now saying that sanctions against Beijing cannot be allowed.

Germany brought the dilemma into its own hands.

High time to diversify the business and play through sanctions.

That will cost profits, jobs, prosperity.

But no one should say they didn't know.