There are a number of companies that announce and formulate "Purpose" that expresses the significance of the company's existence and the role it should play in society.

When the recruitment service company asked people looking for a job, 85% of the respondents said that they would place importance on Purpose in future employment and career changes.

"Purpose" is translated as "meaning of existence" or "meaning of society" of a company, and expresses in easy-to-understand words what value you want to provide to society and what employees are working for. Thing.

There is a growing movement among companies to formulate and announce to make use of it in recruitment and management.

In April, the recruitment service company Wantedly conducted a survey on the Internet of office workers who are changing jobs and students looking for a job, and received responses from 1,340 people.

According to this, when asked "how much importance is placed on Purpose when finding a job or changing jobs

", 36% answered "quite important

" and 49%

answered "moderately important". Has risen to 85%.

When asked "Do you ever prioritize Purpose over salary when you get a job or change jobs?",

21% answered "

I agree" and 42% answered "I agree a little", for a

total of 63%. I answered that I think that "Purpose" may be prioritized.

Hidefumi Nara, a human resources recruitment service company, said, "Purpose is becoming more important for corporate management as more people are thinking about why they work and how to live their own way. It is said that people who value "Purpose" tend to have high motivation for work and a low turnover rate, and I think that the trend of emphasizing "Purpose" among companies will accelerate. "