In response to rising raw material prices and logistics costs, Suntory has decided to raise prices for its flagship brands of beer, chu-hi and imported wine from September to October.

According to the company's announcement, the prices will be raised for 507 items for home and business use, such as main brand beer, alcoholic beverages such as chu-hi and imported wine, and non-alcoholic beer.

Price increases are for imported wine from September 1st shipment, and for other products from October 1st shipment.

The range of price increases for household products is the over-the-counter price.

▽ Beer-based beverages are about 6% to 10%,

▽ Chuhai and highball are about 2% to 6%,

▽ Imported wine is about 8% on average. It is expected to be.

The price increase will be the first in 14 years and 1 month for household beer-based beverages, except for cases due to the revision of the Liquor Tax Law.

About the reason In addition to the soaring prices of raw materials such as malt, corn, and wine grapes produced overseas due to the expansion of global demand, the price of aluminum cans is rising against the backdrop of soaring crude oil prices. It is said that this is because prices and distribution costs continue to rise.

Major manufacturers have decided to raise the prices of their main brands of beer from October, including Asahi Breweries and Kirin Breweries.