Zhongxin Finance, May 26 (Reporter Xia Bin) The official news of the People's Bank of China on the 26th showed that it recently issued the "Notice on Promoting the Establishment of a Long-term Mechanism for Financial Services for Small and Micro Enterprises Dare to Loan, Willing to Loan, Ability to Loan, and Meeting Loan" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), starting from the factors that restrict the lending of financial institutions, in accordance with the principle of marketization, further deepen the supply-side structural reform of financial services for small and micro enterprises, accelerate the establishment of a long-term mechanism, and focus on improving the willingness and ability of financial institutions to serve small and micro enterprises and sustainability, help stabilize market players, stabilize employment and entrepreneurship, and stabilize economic growth.

  The "Notice" pointed out that it is necessary to improve fault-tolerant arrangements and risk mitigation mechanisms to enhance confidence in daring to lend.

All banking financial institutions should explore simple, objective and quantifiable internal identification standards and procedures for due diligence and exemption, and promote the implementation of the due diligence exemption system.

Accelerate the construction of a whole-process risk control management system, and improve the ability to identify, warn and deal with loan risks of small and micro enterprises.

Implement the regulatory requirements for non-performing tolerance of inclusive small and micro loans, and give priority to the write-off of non-performing loans of small and micro enterprises.

Actively carry out government-bank guarantee business cooperation, reasonably increase the guarantee magnification, simplify the guarantee process, and improve the guarantee efficiency.

  The "Notice" emphasizes that it is necessary to strengthen positive incentives and evaluation and assessment to stimulate the motivation of willingness to lend.

All financial institutions should firmly establish the business philosophy of serving small and micro enterprises, and make special arrangements in terms of business strategies, development goals, mechanisms and systems, etc., to improve the adaptability of financial supply to the needs of small and micro enterprises.

Improve the cost sharing and revenue sharing mechanism, embed the interest rate quoted in the loan market into the relevant links of internal pricing and transmission, improve the level of refined pricing, and promote the stability of the comprehensive financing cost of inclusive small and micro enterprises.

Further improve and improve differentiated performance assessment, strengthen the application of policy effect assessment, and continue to optimize the local financing environment.

  The "Notice" requires that we should do a good job in capital guarantee and channel construction, and consolidate the foundation of energy loans.

Give full play to the dual functions of monetary policy tools in terms of total volume and structure, make good use of RRR cuts, re-lending and re-discounting, and inclusive small and micro loan support tools, and continue to increase inclusive small and micro loans.

Scientifically formulate an annual special credit plan for inclusive small and micro loans to ensure that the growth rate of inclusive small and micro loans is not lower than the growth rate of various loans. National banks should prefer the central and western regions, areas with slow credit growth, and areas and industries severely affected by the epidemic .

The issuance of financial bonds and capital supplementary bonds for small and micro enterprises shall be increased, the securitization of credit assets shall be actively carried out, and the channels of diversified sources of credit funds shall be expanded.

Continue to improve the inclusive finance franchise mechanism, and explore the formation of a batch, large-scale, standardized and intelligent small and micro financial service model.

Strengthen the linkage between departments, carry out multi-level financing docking on a regular basis, improve financing docking efficiency, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

  The "Notice" clarifies that it is necessary to promote technological empowerment and product innovation to improve the level of club loans.

Improve the tiered and classified small and micro financial service system, strengthen the use of financial technology means, rationally use big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technical means, innovate risk assessment methods, improve the efficiency of loan approval, and expand the coverage of small and micro customers.

Accelerate the promotion of enterprise-related credit information sharing applications, enrich featured financial products, and promote the mode of active credit granting and loan repayment as needed to meet the flexible loan needs of small and micro enterprises.

Play the role of the unified registration and publicity system for movable property financing, the supply chain bill platform, and the China Levy accounts receivable financing service platform to facilitate the financing of small and micro enterprises.

Give full play to the combined force of inclusive support measures and targeted support measures, and increase financial support for key areas and difficult industries.

  Liang Si, a researcher at the Bank of China Research Institute, believes that the "Notice" provides important guidelines for financial services to small and micro enterprises and ensures the sustainability of business development.

On the one hand, China's economic development is currently facing triple pressures of demand contraction, supply shock, and weakening expectations.

In particular, the international situation is severe and complex, and the domestic epidemic spreads in many places, which brings greater uncertainty to the smooth operation of the economy. The difficulties faced by market players have increased, and small and micro enterprises with weak risk resistance are facing greater difficulties.

The release of the "Notice" directly confronts various problems that have long plagued financial institutions in serving small and micro enterprises, and provides fundamental guidelines for financial institutions to better promote business development.

  On the other hand, how to serve the development of small and micro enterprises is a worldwide problem. The release of the "Notice" aims to create a long-term mechanism for China's financial services to small and micro enterprises, and establish a "Chinese model" for serving small and micro enterprises. The active exploration made by small and micro enterprises in terms of difficulty in financing and expensive financing is expected to become a global model after gradually maturing, which also provides new ideas for financial institutions to better serve small and micro enterprises.

  Data shows that at the end of April 2022, the balance of inclusive small and micro loans was 20.7 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.4%, maintaining a growth rate of more than 20% for 36 consecutive months. %, which was 1.9 times that at the end of 2019; the interest rate of newly issued inclusive small and micro enterprise loans in April was 5.24%, which was at a historically low level.

  The People's Bank of China said that in the next step, it will strengthen the organization, implementation and policy publicity and interpretation, speed up the implementation of a package of measures to stabilize the economy, urge and guide financial institutions to carefully implement the "Notice", and strive to open up the "last step" for the implementation of the long-term mechanism. Kilometers”, effectively improve the quality and efficiency of small and micro financial services, support the development of small and micro enterprises in relief, and help stabilize growth, employment and basic people’s livelihood by stabilizing market players.