A subsidiary of Panasonic Holdings, a major electrical equipment manufacturer, announced that it has canceled related work because it violated the law in the installation work of air conditioners and the like.

The violation of the law was confirmed by Panasonic Consumer Marketing, a subsidiary of Panasonic Holdings, which undertakes the installation of large household appliances from local retailers.

According to the announcement, it is obligatory to assign a nationally qualified person called a "chief engineer" in the installation work of the air conditioner and the antenna for TV reception, but it was not assigned in some works.

In response to this, the company has set up an external investigation committee made up of lawyers to investigate how such measures began and the number of works that have been completed in violation of laws and regulations.

Until the results of the investigation by the committee are finalized, the installation of air conditioners, TV receiving antennas, and wall-mounted TVs has been suspended.

Mr. Seiji Matsuda, General Manager of Panasonic Consumer Marketing Legal and Compliance Promotion Department, said, "We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers and other related parties. We would like to fully cooperate with the investigation."