Opportunities for business exchange between companies in the information technology sector

TEXUB, a global B2B platform pioneering the future of IT commerce, launched in Dubai yesterday.

TXUP is a premium platform for IT commerce and mobility, pioneering the operations model of online B2B sales that is the future of the sector.

The startup is headquartered in Dubai, and will provide a secure and stable digital ecosystem for the global B2B mobility and IT solutions trade by paying attention to integrated business requirements and simplifying operational processes.  

TechUp's business model does not require a subscription, which means companies have unlimited access to deals and transactions with verified buyers and sellers.

The platform allows sellers to easily upload multiple products and sell them globally across a number of hubs by providing an option to specify regional restrictions if any.

Buyers can also purchase from anywhere in the world and enhance their supplier base in a way that enables them to benefit from globally competitive price options.   

TextUp is an ideal channel management tool because it overcomes physical barriers to customer access, it supports small sellers in establishing themselves in the global market.

By diversifying and expanding their resources, TXUP provides expansion opportunities for companies of all sizes.   

Commenting on the matter, TechUp CEO Sushit Kumar said: “TexUp is an initiative to prepare for the post-pandemic reality as business has moved to digital platforms, and we aim to become a truly global platform by providing our customers with limitless business options. Dubai is the ideal location for us as a leading online platform, as our presence in a global trading hub enhances our position and reputation as a platform that ensures communication on a global scale.”  

It is worth mentioning that TXUP believes that gaining customer trust is critical for both sellers and buyers, and to support this idea, the company brings together on its board of directors an elite group of seasoned individuals with extensive experience, including Suchet Kumar, founding member of Dubai Computer Group as CEO of the platform, and Saussure Kumar, Managing Partner of NGroup Consulting, former CEO and Chairman of Intel Global Services and current President of VFS Global, Nilesh Bhatnagar, Founder and CEO of E-Max Electronics, President of NB Ventures and an investor in startups, as well as Niranjan Gidwani, former CEO Eros Group and Emirates Superbrands board member, and Axel Holst, CEO of Texup Europe.  

In this context, Niranjan Gidwani, an advisory member of the TexUp Board of Directors, said: “As the whole world shifts to work online, there is an undeniable global shift in the way business works today. All companies and projects strive to continue to innovate and take advantage of more efficient ways that they can Through it, we achieve tangible results, and here comes the role of digital transformation as an important basis for success. Given this equation, the TexUp platform can support members in their expansion and simplification of their business online or in other ways.”  

In the interest of all stakeholders, identities are hidden on the TextUp platform to keep buyers and sellers anonymous during trading, ensuring the highest levels of data security.

Also, all financial transactions and shipments go through TexUp where sellers and buyers have many local payment options and cryptocurrency options through a secure gateway to enhance the trading experience and reduce operational costs while maintaining their security online.  

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