Enhance the competitiveness of the local industry in the sector

Dubai Chamber of Commerce announces the establishment of the Iron and Steel Working Group

Members of the new working group discussed with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce the challenges and opportunities in the sector.

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The Dubai Chamber of Commerce announced the establishment of the Iron and Steel Working Group, one of the new business groups operating under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. It is concerned with legislation, initiatives and services that serve its business.

Recently, the members of the new working group, headed by the group’s president, Bharat Bhatia, met with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce represented by the Director of the Department of International Relations, Hassan Al Hashemi, at the Chamber’s headquarters, to discuss opportunities to support the iron and steel industry, enhance its participation in economic growth, discuss challenges and opportunities and coordinate joint efforts. Setting priorities for the future period.

strategic partnership

Al-Hashemi pointed to the importance of establishing a group that will be keen to unify the voices of the main players working in this vital field, and raise the competitiveness of this industry, especially with the emirate's interest in diversifying the economy, and focusing on the industrial sector, as it is a fundamental pillar of the future of tomorrow, stressing the Chamber's keenness to overcome all Challenges facing the business community, and providing all support to ensure the competitiveness and growth of the private sector.

Al Hashemi pointed to the strategic partnership between the public and private sectors, which is one of the competitive advantages enjoyed by the business environment in Dubai, stressing that dialogue, cooperation and unification of efforts to serve common interests is the title of the next stage of the future industry, according to the vision and directives of the leadership.

Efficiency and competitiveness

In turn, the Chairman of the Iron and Steel Working Group, Bharat Bhatia, said: “As the Chairman of the Iron and Steel Working Group, under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, I am interested in maintaining the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the iron and steel market in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, to keep pace with local and regional demand, and to strike a balance in the equation Supply and demand".

He added, "We get sufficient support from the government to protect the local iron and steel industry, and we, as a working group, are keen to gather all workers in our field under one umbrella, and to maintain a healthy and ideal work environment through dialogue and mutual ideas."

Bhatia continued, “Our focus will be on cooperation and coordination with merchants, and the development of a joint positive relationship with them that serves the local economy.

We will discuss various topics related to our activities such as market trends, product costs, and promotion of local products.”

business groups

Business groups and councils play an important role in promoting and supporting the economic growth process in Dubai, as it is an essential component of the business community, and contributes to advancing the trade and investment movement in the emirate by investing in capabilities, capabilities and expertise, to enhance the competitive advantage of the business community in Dubai.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce focuses on dialogue with business groups and councils after their establishment, following up on their affairs and studying their recommendations to identify their priorities and interests, assisting them in developing their business internally and externally, facing the increasing global competition, facilitating their participation in regional and international events related to their activities, and in exploring new opportunities for them.

The Group will be keen to unify the voices of the main players in this vital field, and to raise the competitiveness of the industry.

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