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  On the evening of May 24, according to the official account of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the country's first digital RMB smart student ID card project landed in Hainan.

  The reporter noticed that since May, banks in many places have announced to cooperate with universities to expand the application scenarios of digital RMB on campus, and to explore new models of cooperation between banks and universities. Digital RMB is "full bloom" on campus.

  Pan Helin, co-director and researcher of the Digital Economy and Financial Innovation Research Center of Zhejiang University International Business School, told the "Securities Daily" reporter: "The pilot promotion of digital renminbi in closed scenarios such as primary and secondary school campuses and universities is very promising. In fact, The promotion of digital renminbi in colleges and universities is generally accepted by students, and training and serving young customers is in line with the business layout of the bank. It is expected that more colleges and universities will participate in the exploration in the future, and the banking industry will also increase investment in related scenarios.”

Smart Student ID Scenario Landing

  According to official news, a few days ago, the digital RMB smart student ID card officially entered the campus of Hainan Lu Xun Middle School, Yuya Road, Sanya City, becoming the first campus scene in the country to be applied.

It is reported that this project is a product of “Super SIM Hard Wallet – Digital RMB Smart Student Card” jointly created by ICBC and telecommunications operators. The product has a built-in NFC module, which integrates digital RMB hard wallet, GPS positioning, family calls, emergency help, electronic The fence and other functions are integrated into one, which can provide schools, parents and students with a more convenient and secure payment and use experience.

  At the same time, the school can select high-quality merchants inside and outside the campus to provide students with safe and reliable consumption scenarios by loading digital RMB smart contracts.

  Wang Pengbo, a senior analyst in the financial industry of Broadcom Consulting, told the "Securities Daily" reporter that the digital renminbi smart student ID card solves the application problem of the digital renminbi being separated from the mobile phone carrier in a specific closed-loop scenario. More ways and possibilities for promotion.

  Su Xiaorui, a senior analyst in the financial industry of Analysys, further analyzed the reporters that the hard wallet products that have been unveiled before are mostly used in transportation occasions, such as subways and airlines.

The "Super SIM Hard Wallet" product is applied to the middle school campus scene, which can not only meet the payment needs of students, but also enable the product to carry more practical functions through the loading of other functions, laying a solid foundation for the upgrading of smart campuses in the future.

Banks in many places are actively promoting the layout

  On April 2, the central bank officially announced the expansion of the digital renminbi pilot, adding 6 cities to host the Asian Games in Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Fuzhou and Xiamen in Fujian, and Zhejiang on the basis of the existing pilot areas. As pilot areas, Beijing and Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province will be converted into pilot areas after the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic scenarios are completed.

  After the expansion of the pilot areas, more areas are expanding the pilot work of digital renminbi application scenarios. A reporter from Securities Daily noticed that since May, banks in many places have joined hands with universities to implement digital renminbi application scenarios.

  Specifically, on May 10, Agricultural Bank Ningbo Branch and Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of Technology held the launching ceremony of the comprehensive strategic cooperation between the Bank and the School of Digital RMB. Digital RMB application scenarios, and actively explore new models of business cooperation between state-owned commercial banks and colleges and universities.

  On the same day, Agricultural Bank of China Chongqing Branch and Southwest University held the signing ceremony of comprehensive strategic cooperation during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period and the launching ceremony of the pilot digital RMB, and signed the "Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement during the "14th Five-Year Plan" Period.

  China Construction Bank Ningbo Branch and Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Vocational and Technical College are actively promoting the pilot work of digital renminbi application scenarios.

According to the Ningbo Education Bureau on May 13, Ningbo's first "smart campus" digital RMB one-card full-scenario application was successfully launched at Zhejiang Vocational and Technical College of Industry and Commerce.

  Su Xiaorui believes that the application scenarios of digital renminbi on campus are promising.

First, the scene categories are rich in scenarios involving various types of living consumption. In addition to the C-side, there are also B-side scenes such as salary payment, tuition and miscellaneous fees/party dues payment, financial settlement, etc.; second, the users are younger, especially the majority of young college customers. , the acceptance of digital renminbi payment is higher than that of other groups, which helps commercial banks to take digital renminbi as an opportunity to link to other financial services and functions on the basis of opening digital wallets; the third is safe and efficient, closed scenarios The properties of it make it relatively controllable during the pilot process.

(Securities Daily)