China News Agency, Davos, May 26 (Reporter De Yongjian) The 2022 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (Davos Forum) closed on the 26th, handing over "transcripts on climate change, economic transformation, health and other issues" ".

Brende, president of the World Economic Forum, also called for rebuilding a "win-win world" at the closing ceremony.

  German Chancellor Scholz closed the forum with a speech on the same day, after which Brende delivered a closing speech to announce a series of achievements of the forum.

In terms of climate change, Brende mentioned that China's special envoy for climate change, Xie Zhenhua, announced at the forum that China will respond to the World Economic Forum's initiative of "Planting a Trillion Trees Worldwide", and strive to plant 70 billion trees within 10 years.

  In terms of economic transformation, a "leading group" composed of politicians, businessmen and academics has reached a consensus and plans to launch a "roadmap" for innovation and industrial development later this year; in terms of health, the participants discussed the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. , lung cancer prevention and treatment, etc. to reach cooperation intentions.

  Other outcomes of the forum involve economy and trade, education, employment, social equity and even cutting-edge technology; Blender said these outcomes showed that joint action is better than self-interest, and called for rebuilding a "win-win world" rather than "beggar-thy-neighbor".

  Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Davos Forum was restarted after two years.

According to the published data, about 2,500 people attended the forum, including more than 50 dignitaries; from the opening on May 23 to the closing on May 26, a total of more than 450 meetings were held.

  Since its inception in 1971, the Davos Forum has been held in January every year, and this forum will be postponed until May. The forum will be back on track with a meeting planned for mid-January next year.