Zhongxin Finance, May 26th, the Dalian Municipal People's Government recently issued the "Notice on the Comprehensive Liberalization of Household Settlement Conditions", which comprehensively adjusted Dalian's household registration policy and implemented a positive household registration policy.

  According to the "Notice", persons who meet one of the following seven categories of conditions, themselves, their spouses and children can settle in Dalian: persons with secondary vocational schools (including technical schools) and above, professional and technical personnel who have been recognized as having obtained professional titles, Professional and technical personnel who have obtained the national vocational qualification certificate through the unified examination organized by the state, province and city; students in ordinary colleges and universities (higher vocational colleges) and secondary vocational schools (including technical schools) in the city; signed labor contracts with employers according to law Persons who have paid social insurance in this city; persons who are flexibly employed in this city and pay endowment insurance and medical insurance; those who have been approved by the district (city, county) governments (management committees) of this city to move into the unit as an organic system, in this city Employees who have paid social insurance in the city; operators (including individual industrial and commercial households) who have invested and started businesses in this city and obtained the "Business License"; persons who own houses with legal property rights in cities and towns in this city.

  In addition, persons with household registration in Dalian, their parents, spouses, and children can take refuge in Dalian; if the government (management committee) of each district (city, county) in Dalian approves the establishment of a relocation unit, the local police station Set up unit collective account.

  The "Notice" will come into force on June 1, 2022, and the Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau is responsible for issuing the guidelines for settlement.


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