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government has expanded the cut in fuel tax to lower oil prices from this month, but oil prices are rising again.

As a result, more and more truck drivers are stopping their operation due to the burden of gas prices.

Reporter Hoon-Kyung Jang reports.


The driver of this 18-ton truck is thinking about stopping the operation.

This is because the price of economy has increased by 40% compared to the end of last year.

[Choi Yeong-chung / Truck driver: I have to calculate how much I have to stay in a day if I work...


It is a substitute (driver) job in the evening or a part-time job (thinking).]

There are many drivers who wait only for short-distance work because the further away they go, the more they lose.

[Kang Sang-han / Truck driver: There is nothing left except suffering, the truth is.

so i can't go far

Cars parked here and there are trying to move closer without going far...


Gas station prices across the country surpassed 2,000 won per liter for the first time ever on the 24th, surpassing gasoline prices for two weeks.

As it is scary to add oil, domestic gasoline and diesel consumption last month decreased by 5.8% compared to a month ago.

The problem is that there are many prospects that this upward trend in oil prices will continue.

[Cho Sang-beom/Director of External Relations at Korea Petroleum Association: There is little factor for a drop in (international oil price) because the supply is still short compared to demand...


However, in the short term, there is also a forecast that the uptrend may calm down somewhat from the second half of this week as the recent drop in international economic prices is reflected with a time lag.