An exhibition introducing various products to combat global warming has begun, and attention is focused on the latest technologies and services related to the recycling of plastic products, which are required to reduce disposables.

Approximately 460 companies and organizations from Japan and overseas participate in the exhibition, which began in Tokyo on the 25th, and introduces various environmentally friendly products.

Of these, the small device developed by a manufacturer in Yamagata Prefecture can identify fine types of plastic such as polyethylene by shining near-infrared rays on the plastic and reading the waveform of the reflected light.

Last month, a law was enforced on disposable plastic products that requires companies to reduce the amount of plastic products, but according to manufacturers, it is necessary to separate plastics by material in order to recycle and make new products. It means that there are many inquiries from.

In addition, the PET bottle collection machine developed by a precision equipment manufacturer in Tokyo has a camera and sensor attached to the slot, leaving no leftovers or removing labels and caps from the bottle so that it can be easily recycled. It is a mechanism that can not be thrown away.

Yuki Teraoka, General Manager of the Teraoka Seiko Division, who exhibited this product, said, "If you do not collect clean PET bottles, you will not be able to effectively use them as resources, so it is important to separate them properly. We are aiming for a more advanced cycle. "

This exhibition is open until the 27th at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto-ku, Tokyo.