[Explanation] At present, various financial institutions in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province have resumed business in an orderly manner, and continue to innovate and improve support methods to provide people and enterprises with inclusive finance and financing services. A series of policies and measures have been introduced to help enterprises speed up the resumption of work and production.

  [Explanation] In a bank on Qianjin East Road, Kunshan City, in accordance with the relevant requirements of normalized epidemic prevention and control, the bank arranged for special personnel to verify the health code, itinerary code and temperature detection of the people who came to do business.

  [Concurrent] Ni Yuting, Assistant President of Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank Head Office 

  (We) are equipped with a sufficient amount of anti-epidemic materials such as disinfectant water and masks to ensure that the environment of the outlet is disinfected three times a day, strictly control the number of people in the hall, and quickly check the two yards and measure the temperature of customers who enter the outlet. The principle of one person, one handling.

  [Explanation] In order to further protect enterprises and benefit the people, Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank issued six policies including providing special credit funds, opening up green approval channels, and launching a credit protection mechanism.

  [Concurrent] Ni Yuting, Assistant President of Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank Head Office 

  During the epidemic, (we) reduced fees and gave profits to small, medium and micro enterprises, involving more than 1,200 customers, further reducing the pressure on small, medium and micro enterprises.

  [Explanation] In order to ensure both epidemic prevention and control and serving the real economy, Agricultural Bank of China Kunshan Branch has moved many credit products online, and actively promoted more than 10 online credit products to further improve financing efficiency.

  [Concurrent] Bo Tianming, General Manager of Inclusive Finance Department, Agricultural Bank of China Kunshan Branch 

  The specific application of online credit products is relatively fast and convenient, and the loan can basically be completed within 1 to 3 working days.

  [Explanation] For small and medium-sized enterprises that have temporary operational difficulties and may have overdue loans due to the impact of the epidemic, various financial institutions in Kunshan have introduced measures such as loan renewal without principal repayment, extension, and adjustment of repayment plans.

  [Concurrent Voice] Huang Xiaoye, Assistant President of China Merchants Bank Kunshan Sub-branch

  From the initial account opening, to payment settlement, ticket issuance, and (to) subsequent loan issuance, we have achieved an integrated process of online integration.

In the area of ​​(supporting enterprises) resumption of work and production, our head office has also dedicated a special loan quota of 10 billion yuan for the epidemic in our region.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Fan, Assistant President of Bank of Suzhou Kunshan Sub-branch

  Since the end of April, we should have issued a total of 120 loans of nearly 320 million yuan. For the financial needs of enterprises that have resumed work and production, we have extended the credit period. In addition, we have also opened a green approval channel for enterprises during the epidemic. , released special products for anti-epidemic and resumption of work in Kunshan Financial Supermarket, and approved the whole green channel for enterprises that apply for special products for resumption of work.

  [Explanation] In order to better support small, medium and micro enterprises to tide over the difficulties, the Kunshan Financial Office also opened a special version for anti-epidemic and resumption of work on the Kunshan Financial Supermarket platform, and launched a direct train to help enterprises recover and develop financing to achieve rapid financing for enterprises; and through Measures such as formulating interest discount policies, lowering guarantee rates, and increasing support for inclusive finance will solve the problem of high financing costs.

  Wang Chao, Zhu Xiaolei, Ge Yong, and reports from Kunshan, Jiangsu

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]