Minister of Finance Suzuki will give a financial speech at the plenary session of the House of Representatives on the 25th, confirming the recovery of economic and social activities from the Korona-ka on this year's supplementary budget to implement emergency measures against rising prices. We asked for cooperation in the prompt establishment.

Among them, Minister of Finance Suzuki said on the 25th that the supplementary budget for this year was submitted to the Diet. The certainty is high. Comprehensive emergency measures urgently and flexibly implement measures to mitigate the effects of soaring prices, promote smooth price pass-through and wage increases, and promote economic and social activities from the Corona disaster. It's meant to ensure recovery. "

On top of that, Minister Suzuki said, "We will promptly respond to unexpected financial demands due to future disasters, the re-expansion of the new corona, and further soaring prices of crude oil and prices, and secure the peace of mind of the people." We asked for cooperation in the establishment.

The supplementary budget for implementing emergency measures against rising prices is a total of 2.709 trillion yen in the general account. Expenses required for additional stacking are recorded.