Recently, in the experimental hall 700 meters underground of Jiangmen Neutrino Experiment in Guangdong, the lifting platform for the top-to-bottom installation of plexiglass balls has been installed and raised to 38 meters, just like a giant "Transformers". Tower", ready for the next step of plexiglass ball installation work.

  The Jiangmen Neutrino Experiment is a large scientific device with the primary scientific goal of measuring the order of neutrino masses. After its completion, it will cooperate with Japan's "Top Kamioka Neutrino Detector" and the United States' "Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment" facility Formed the leading trend of neutrino research.

The core detection equipment of the Jiangmen Neutrino Experiment—the neutrino detector is located in the center of a 44-meter-deep pool in the underground experiment hall.

It consists of a stainless steel mesh shell with a diameter of 41 meters, a plexiglass ball with a diameter of 35.4 meters, and key components such as 20,000 tons of liquid scintillators, 20,000 20-inch photomultiplier tubes, and 25,000 3-inch photomultiplier tubes.

  It is reported that the lifting platform is an important auxiliary platform for completing the installation of the plexiglass ball, and its diameter and height can be changed layer by layer.

It will serve in the installation of plexiglass balls throughout.

Engineers will complete the hoisting, splicing, polymerization, curing, annealing, grinding, cleaning, filming and other processes of the plexiglass layer by layer on the platform, and finally complete the overall installation of the plexiglass ball.

  (Reporter Cheng Yu’s video comes from the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]