Outlets that it considers to be one of the most important competitive criteria at the moment and intends to expand it

"Private Brands"... More Diversified Choices of Goods at Low Prices

  • Union Coop intends to raise sales of private label products to represent 30% of its total sales.

    Emirates today


Officials at retail outlets revealed competitive plans for private brands that carry each outlet's own brand, and are sold exclusively within those outlets.

They explained to "Emirates Today" that these plans include increasing the number of these brands and raising their contribution to sales, considering that private brands are a new competitive area that brings benefits to consumers and sales outlets, and contributes to providing more diverse options for goods at reduced prices compared to similar goods.

In turn, an expert in retail trade considered that competitiveness in this field provides high profitability rates for sales outlets, and provides alternatives at low prices for consumers.

"Alef" products

In detail, the official spokesman for the "Aswaaq" group centers, affiliated with the "Government Investment Corporation of Dubai", Abdul Hameed Al Khashabi, said that the "group" intends to implement competitive plans in the field of its own brands, which include goods bearing the "Alef" brand, which are sold in outlets. affiliate sales.

He added that the total number of products bearing the "Alef" brand of the group currently amounts to 130 products, including food and consumer goods such as cleaning products, pointing to plans to raise the number of these products by 5% at the end of this year.

He believed that private brands provide greater options for consumers in obtaining goods at reasonable prices, compared to similar goods bearing other brands.

"Lulu" signs

For his part, Director of Corporate Communications at "LuLu Group International", Nanda Kumar, confirmed that there are big plans that the group intends to implement in the field of private brands bearing the "Lulu" brand, which are sold in 95 outlets of the group in the country.

He added that the "group" currently has 3,000 products bearing the "LuLu" brand of the group, at a time when it intends to raise the number to 4,000 products during the next year.

Kumar explained that private brands are among the most important competitive criteria at the moment, especially as they support price stability and provide high-quality goods, similar to other products bearing different brands that are sold at higher prices, which supports the competitiveness of goods in the market, and provides low-priced goods options for consumers.

Increase Sales

In turn, Director of Marketing and Happiness Department at Union Coop, Dr. Suhail Al Bastaki, said that the Coop intends to raise sales of private brand products to represent about 30% of its total sales during the coming period, through plans whose details will be announced later.

He revealed that the number of goods bearing private brands in the Tawuniya outlets currently reaches 3,000 products.

He stressed that private brands offer more competitive options in the markets, and provide consumers with goods at low prices and high quality, in a way that competes with brands but sold at high prices.

«Sharjah Cup»

In the same context, the CEO of "Sharjah Coop", Majid Al-Junaid, said that the "Coop" is working on implementing plans, during the current year, that include developing products bearing the "Sharjah Coop" brand, by increasing the number of products and expanding in categories. Covered by, and developing the brand with a modern character.

He explained that the Tawuniya brand development project included making a number of agreements with factories to provide products bearing the Tawuniya brand, provided that they are at competitive prices and of high quality.

The sea: a new competitive field

Director of “Al Bahar Consulting Company” and expert in retail affairs, Ibrahim Al-Bahr, said that private brands have become a new competitive field, especially in light of the surge in many commodities during the recent period, where private brands are available at lower prices compared to other brands. .

He stressed that competition in private brands enables sales outlets to have high levels of profitability, given that these products are sold exclusively within the outlet, and it is difficult to compete in prices through similar goods, as well as allowing consumers to have low-priced goods and more expanded options.

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