China News Service, Guangzhou, May 25th (Tang Guijiang, Chen Lin, Zeng Yinglong) Every morning, fresh vegetables are transported from vegetable bases across the country to Dongguan Runfeng International Vegetable Trading Center. The inspection "green channel" of the Dongguan Vegetable Supervision Center for Hong Kong Supply can complete customs procedures such as inspection and sealing within 10 minutes.

  Recently, the General Administration of Customs has introduced ten measures to promote the stability and improvement of foreign trade. The customs in Guangdong Province has established a "green channel" for priority inspection and "5+2" scheduled inspections for the import and export of fresh and perishable agricultural and food products to ensure agricultural and food products. Products are safely supplied to Hong Kong and Macau.

  According to Zhang Tao, deputy director of the Inspection Work Division of the Guangdong Branch of the General Administration of Customs, for agricultural, food and fresh products that are included in the scope of application, the customs will give priority to inspection and quarantine after receiving the application for priority inspection from the enterprise.

  At the same time, the customs has set up and made public the appointment telephone number for territorial inspection, so that even during holidays, it can achieve "inspection and release as soon as it is reported." Processing enterprises, territorial management.

Among them, Dongguan Customs inspects and releases more than 600 tons of fresh vegetables every day, and Phuket Customs supervises an average of 1,800 tons of vegetables and 500 tons of fruits supplied to Hong Kong every day.

  In order to make fresh and live agricultural products "faster", Huangpu Customs has completed the construction of the first customs supervision center for vegetables supplied to Hong Kong in Guangdong Province in Runfeng International Vegetable Trading Center, providing "one-stop" services for inspection, inspection, and lead sealing, and customs clearance. Time reduced to half a day.

"With the 'green channel' for customs inspection, a box of fresh cabbage can be picked from the base on the same day and arrive in Hong Kong that night, which greatly shortens the time for the intermediate circulation of vegetables, and our supply efficiency and quality are more guaranteed. "Zhai Zhijian, chairman of Guangdong Runfeng Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd., told reporters.

  While the export of agricultural products is smooth and "fast", it is also necessary to take into account the "control" to ensure that the quality standards of vegetables supplied to Hong Kong are not lowered.

The customs strengthens the traceability of the origin of vegetables supplied to Hong Kong and pre-export risk monitoring, scientifically conducts laboratory batch inspections for different vegetable varieties, conducts targeted testing of pesticide residues, and strictly assesses the risk of pesticide residues to achieve precise control over the source of supply to Hong Kong. , to ensure quality and safety.

"The customs has always been very strict on the supervision of our vegetables supplied to Hong Kong. Before processing each batch of vegetables, we will conduct a quick test for pesticide residues, and we can continue processing only after passing the test. The customs will also conduct random sampling tests to the enterprises to ensure that The quality of each batch of our vegetables is safe. This is why our vegetables supplied to Hong Kong have always maintained a good reputation in Hong Kong. Even though the export of vegetables has been affected to a certain extent during the COVID-19 epidemic, the orders placed by our Hong Kong customers have remained stable. "Zhai Zhijian said.

  Zhang Tao said that in the next step, the customs will continue to extend the green channel for exporting fresh agricultural products, actively expand water transportation and railway transportation, and realize fast and efficient supervision in planting, production, processing, storage, logistics and other links, so as to truly realize the transformation of vegetables into Hong Kong from The whole process of supervision from "field" to "table" ensures that the food baskets supplied to Hong Kong are rich in variety, high quality and stable price, and sufficient supply.