The President of the European Commission sees the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine as an opportunity for deep reforms in the country.

Ursula von der Leyen said at the World Economic Forum in Davos that Ukraine would not only need significant investments for its reconstruction, but also drastic change.

The country needs a more efficient administration, a rule of law with an independent judiciary and decisive action against corruption and the power of oligarchs.

"We will do everything so that Ukraine can shape its own future," said von der Leyen.

"Ukraine must win this war."

Gerald Braunberger


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According to von der Leyen, the screenplay for the Russian war dates back to the last century.

Russia also uses energy and food as weapons.

Russia is not only blocking Ukrainian grain exports, but is holding back its own stocks to encourage further increases in food prices.

The poorest countries suffered the most from the "disgraceful consequences" of this policy.

Looking for new sales channels

International cooperation is the best way to combat Russian blackmail, stressed von der Leyen.

Alternative distribution channels from the Ukraine are needed, and an increase in food production in the rest of the world is just as necessary.

The unhealthy dependence on Russian energy and food supplies must come to an end.

In addition, Europe must do more for its own defense.

Von der Leyen said Russia could one day find a way back to Europe.

After all, there is a long history together.

For this, however, the country must accept the international order and the law.

"It's a distant dream," said the Commission President.

In his speech, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg then warned the West against sacrificing long-term security needs on the altar of economic interests.

"Freedom is more important than free trade," said Stoltenberg in Davos. "Defending values ​​is more important than defending profits." In this context, Stoltenberg criticized the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. But one should also think about dealing with China Nothing fundamentally speaks against trade with China, but it would be negligent in this process to give China control of Western telecommunications networks. 

From Moscow's point of view, Putin's war against Ukraine is a serious strategic mistake.

"Last year Putin called for NATO to withdraw from Eastern Europe," Stoltenberg said.

"Now, after Finland's entry into the alliance, it will have an even longer common border with NATO countries than before." to take Turkey's concerns seriously. 

War was 'obviously foreseeable'

"We may be shocked by the war, but we shouldn't be amazed," Stoltenberg said.

There has hardly been a war in recent history that was so clearly foreseeable.

Therefore, NATO countries, primarily the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Turkey, have helped Ukraine in recent years.

"We're seeing the results on the battlefield today," emphasized Stoltenberg.

NATO continues to support Ukraine in its self-defense.

At the same time, however, NATO is resolutely opposed to an escalation of the war;

the NATO countries are not warring parties.

The strengthening of NATO's eastern border, which began in 2014, should serve as a deterrent against Moscow.