Zhongxin Finance, May 24th, the national enterprise credit information publicity system shows that recently, the fourth branch of Valentino's affiliate Fan Lun (Beijing) Clothing Trading Co., Ltd. Chaoyang was fined 142,400 yuan by the Chaoyang District Municipal Bureau of Supervision, Beijing, and its illegal gains were confiscated. 11,000 yuan.

  The main illegal facts are: after investigation, the party’s backpack was detected as June 30, 2021. Fan Lun (Beijing) Garment Trading Co., Ltd. entered the customs at Pudong Airport. A total of 4 were imported, and they were sent to Fan Lun (Beijing) after entering the customs. ) Apparel Trading Co., Ltd. Chaoyang No. 4 branch, the average purchase price is 5117 yuan / piece, the sales price is 17,800 yuan / piece, 1 has been sold, one is reserved for samples, and 2 are in stock.

The average import tariff price of each piece is 307.02 yuan/piece, the selling price after deducting value-added tax is 16787.86 yuan/piece, and the profit per piece is 11670.86 yuan/piece.

The total value of the goods was 71,200 yuan, and the illegal gains were 11,670.86 yuan.

  In this regard, the Chaoyang District Municipal Supervision Bureau of Beijing ordered the parties to correct the above-mentioned illegal acts, and decided to punish them as follows: a fine of 142,400 yuan; confiscation of illegal gains: 11,670.86 yuan; confiscation of illegal property.