To be clear, it's more a full-size model than a real rolling concept car that Mercedes-AMG is presenting with the Vision AMG Concept.

Indeed, no image of the interior has been published, which suggests that this interior does not exist.

Nothing specific either as to the technical solutions, at most we learn that the “real” car will receive new generation electric motors, much more powerful than those currently on the market.

Reference to F1

On the other hand, we can fully appreciate the design which, confirms Mercedes-AMG, effectively prefigures a model which will be launched in 2025. With the characteristic gray tint and the touches of green that we find on the single-seaters of Hamilton and Russel, Mercedes refers to its Formula 1 team. Then it is clear that this concept already benefits from the aerodynamic lessons of the EQXX concept, which recently covered more than 1,000 km on a single charge.

It is also probably not by chance that the Cx (aerodynamic coefficient) is the same here: 0.17, a real feat.

Finally, there is the lighting.

At the front, the three-pointed star-shaped headlights are pleasing, but not as much as the taillights.

This evocation of exhaust outlets reddened by the heat, it's a brilliant idea!


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