Samsung Group of South Korea announced that it will invest 450 trillion won and about 45 trillion yen in Japanese yen in fields such as semiconductors and biotechnology over the next five years.

The South Korean media has reported that it is a move that is conscious of the Yun Sung-nyul administration, which has a policy of strengthening the supply chain = supply network in cooperation with the United States.

According to the announcement by Samsung Group of South Korea on the 24th, it plans to invest 450 trillion won in the next five years and about 45 trillion yen in Japanese yen in fields such as semiconductors, bio industry, and AI = artificial intelligence. ..

The total investment is 36% higher than in the past five years, of which about 80% will be invested in South Korea to create 80,000 jobs, mainly young people.

The Samsung Group emphasizes that it will "lead the realization of a semiconductor superpower and contribute to economic development."

South Korea's President Yun Sung-nyul recently visited Samsung Electronics' semiconductor factory with US President Joe Biden, and at the US-Korea summit, agreed to work together to strengthen the supply chain of semiconductors and other products. I just did it.

In South Korea, in addition to Samsung Group, Hyundai Motor Group has announced a large-scale investment plan for domestic business on the 24th, and local media say that the successive announcements of conglomerate companies are conscious of the Yun administration. I am telling you how to look at it.