It's a boost that was in demand as prices rise.

Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt announced on Tuesday on RTL that the government's "objective" was to index retirement pensions to inflation "valid from the July pension, paid on August 9".

“As soon as the presidential majority is present in the Assembly, after the legislative elections, (…) the National Assembly and the Senate will be seized of a text on purchasing power, which will make it possible to index retirement pensions of the general regime,” he said.

“We would like this indexation to inflation to be valid for pensions in July.

As part of the general scheme, the pension for the month of July is paid on August 9, ”he said.

Revaluation vs indexation

“It is our objective that the indexation comes into force on this date”, he said, specifying that this only concerned the basic pension, not the complementary one, and that the dates of payment varied according to the plans. .

"If we take into account inflation at 4%, for a pension of 1,200 euros, it's a gain of 45 euros per month," he said.

Emmanuel Macron had announced during the presidential campaign an exceptional revaluation of basic pensions on July 1.

Regarding the pension reform, for which he is responsible, the Minister of Labor assured that “the calendar is still under construction”.

"Consultation" on pension reform at the start of the school year

“We will include the timetable for this reform [of pensions] and consultation in the government's action plan.

The President of the Republic has given us a month to draw it up”.

"I think we can start this [the consultation on pension reform] in September, in October," he said.

“We have to start with consultation and dialogue.

From today I am starting to meet the social partners”, on pensions and “a thousand subjects”: training, health at work, purchasing power, he said.


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