China News Service, Beijing, May 24th (Reporter Xia Bin) The People's Bank of China announced on the 24th that its recently held video conference on the analysis of the currency and credit situation of the whole system requires that while implementing the policies already issued, it is urgent to plan and launch increments Policies and measures to guide financial institutions to go all out to increase loan issuance, enhance the stability of total credit growth, actively explore new project reserves, focus on key regions, key areas and weak links, and speed up meeting new effective credit needs.

  The above-mentioned meeting pointed out that the central bank system should take the initiative to implement various financial policies proposed at the executive meeting of the State Council as soon as possible, double the amount and proportion of support tools for inclusive small and micro loans this year, and guide and support local corporate financial institutions to increase loan issuance. , optimize the credit structure, reduce financing costs, further increase support for small, medium and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, stabilize market players and ensure employment, and jointly shoulder the heavy responsibility of financial support and stabilizing the macroeconomic market with financial institutions.

  In addition, the Central Bank of China and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission recently held an analysis meeting on the monetary and credit situation of major financial institutions, pointing out that China Development Bank and policy banks should give full play to their role in making up for shortcomings and adjusting across cycles, and large state-owned commercial banks should take the initiative to make efforts to increase Joint-stock banks should fully tap their potential, and large city commercial banks should give full play to their location advantages to jointly increase credit support for key areas and weak links.

  The meeting also emphasized that the financial system should focus on key regions, key areas and key industries, and increase financial support around small and medium-sized enterprises, green development, technological innovation, energy supply, water conservancy infrastructure, etc.

It is necessary to implement policy requirements, maintain stable growth of real estate credit, and support the implementation of deferral of principal and interest repayment on loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, truck drivers, and personal housing and consumer loans severely affected by the epidemic.