Today (24th), which is Tuesday, will be mostly sunny throughout the country and the weather will continue with a large daily temperature difference.

Today's high temperature is 30 degrees in Seoul, 32 degrees in Daejeon and Gwangju, 33 degrees in Daegu and 34 degrees in Sangju, etc. The whole country is 25 to 34 degrees, higher than normal, so it's going to be a little hot.

In some southern regions, the daily maximum sensible temperature is expected to rise to around 31 degrees, so you need to be careful about safety accidents.

The Korea Meteorological Administration urged people to take care of their health, saying that the temperature difference between day and night will be very large between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, mainly inland.

Due to atmospheric stagnation, fine dust concentrations in Busan and Ulsan are expected to be 'bad', while other regions are expected to have good to moderate levels.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be mostly sunny throughout the country, but will become more cloudy in the afternoon.

Tomorrow night, it will rain around 5mm in the metropolitan area, Gangwon, and northern Chungcheong.

(Photo = Yonhap News)