Yann Hamon 4:56 p.m., May 23, 2022

With its Future Trophies, Europe 1 rewards companies, associations or local authorities each year for their audacity, their innovation and their visionary side.

In the running for the Europe 1 listeners' favourite, Ethypik is a start-up that comes to you to offer you work.  

Ethypik is a start-up that recruits people on the street, asking them only this question "Are you looking for work?"

and focusing on "soft skills" (human skills and behavioral skills).

Created in March 2020 in the midst of a health crisis, Ethypik connects employers concerned with social and responsible ethics and job seekers, thus enabling the company to cultivate its employer brand, reduce turnover and improve your productivity. 

The start-up Ethypik is in the running with Divertimento, Reverto, We Can Doo in the favorite category of the listeners of the Europe 1 Future Trophies 2022. 

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The meeting between job seekers and recruiting companies 

For Nicolas Morby, founder of Ethypik: "There were a lot of unemployed people looking for work and on the other side unfilled positions for lack of candidates".

He therefore developed a new recruitment system: go directly to meet job seekers, in the street, in shopping centers or even knock on doors, without necessarily going through the CV.

In this way, candidates returning to work can access positions they would not have thought of. 

Their objective: to support more than 300 job seekers in 2022 

Today, 14 employees have been able to support more than 130 people.

The objective for 2022 is to support more than 300 people, for 20 customers, most of whom are major accounts.