Yann Hamon 1:03 p.m., May 23, 2022

With its Future Trophies, Europe 1 rewards companies, associations or local authorities each year for their audacity, their innovation and their visionary side.

In the running for the Europe 1 listeners' favorite trophy, We Can Doo offers to open the doors of craftsmen's workshops in order to be introduced to their know-how.

We Can Doo highlights the talent of artisans and unleashes everyone's creativity.

The objective of this collective of soon more than 2,000 craftsmen: push the doors of a workshop, meet craftsmen, be inspired by their practices and leave with a creation.

The We Can Doo collective is in the running with Divertimento, Ethypik, Reverto in the favorite category of the listeners of the Europe 1 Future Trophies 2021.

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3,500 workshops accessible throughout France

We Can Doo allows you to discover more than 150 different skills: learning to make wine, jewelry, ceramics, wooden furniture, beer, chocolate.

3,500 workshops are accessible in around forty cities, all over France, but also in Brussels with around sixty workshops.

In the coming months, workshops in Amsterdam and London should open, before the other European capitals.

Long training courses for people thinking of retraining

Guillaume Clere now wishes to offer "a new diversity in formats: shorter, more touristy, from a few minutes, to much longer formats for people who are thinking about professional retraining and who would like to discover a know-how during a week, ten days with a craftsman."