Zhongxin Finance, May 24th (Ge Cheng) The plagiarism incident of automobile advertisements has been unresolved in waves.

  On the 22nd, Audi and the creative agency issued a statement apologizing for the alleged plagiarism of the new commercial.

At present, the Audi commercial "Today Xiaoman" has been removed from the shelves, and the advertising agency involved has also promised to do its best to make up for the loss to the original author.

  According to the division table of the advertisement involved, M&C Saatchi (Shangsi Advertising), the creative agency of the advertisement, played the role of the agent, and the director was Peng Yangjun.

According to industry insiders, according to the current common cooperation model in the industry, advertising creative agencies such as Shangsi Advertising are more like "general contractors". After the "general contractors" receive orders from customers, they will send relevant The work is outsourced, and the director involved is one of the "contractors".

  As the Audi commercial continued to ferment, other commercials shot by the above-mentioned commercial directors were also suspected of plagiarism, and the brand involved BMW.

In addition, the company that produced the advertisement for Honda has also been accused of plagiarism.

BMW commercial accused of plagiarism

  On the evening of May 22, a BMW commercial could no longer be viewed on multiple platforms. The commercial was titled "Liangcang x New BMW 8 Series", and the director was the same person as Audi's commercial "Today Xiaoman".

Several video platforms have removed the commercials of "Liangcang x All-New BMW 8 Series".

  Some netizens pointed out that the composition, mirroring, and pictures of the commercial are very similar to the MV shot by foreign artist SOHN, which can be described as another example of "pixel-level" plagiarism.

At present, the video cannot be opened and viewed on multiple platforms such as iQiyi and Youku.

  In response to this matter, Zhongxin Finance called BMW stakeholders, but as of press time, the other party had not responded.

Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, JEEP and other brands have cooperated with the directors involved

  In addition to the "Liangcang x New BMW 8 Series" commercial, on video platforms such as Youku, the commercial titled "Liangcang X Mercedes-Benz" has also been set to "require a password to view".

The video platform shows that Liangcang Culture has shot commercials for several car brands.

  Zhongxin Finance noticed that Liangcang Culture has shot commercials for a number of car brands, and these commercials are named after "Liangcang".

  Multiple video platforms show that in addition to Audi and BMW, the car brands that cooperate with Liangcang Culture include Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Buick, MINI, etc.

The films that cannot be watched temporarily are directed by Peng Yangjun, who was involved in the "plagiarism door" of Audi advertisements.

  According to Weibo identification information, Peng Yangjun's identity includes the founder of Liangcang.com and the creative director of "New Vision".

According to Tianyancha information, Peng Yangjun has three companies under his name, namely Beijing Liangcang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., Shanghai Youxia Cultural Communication Partnership (Limited Partnership) and Beijing Shangzhen Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

Previously, the personal homepage of the director involved in the video sharing platform had shown that he was responsible for the shooting of several brand car advertisements.

  At present, Peng Yangjun's personal Weibo homepage has no content, and only shows "Blogger settings only display Weibo within half a year".

On the video sharing platform "New Studio", Peng Yangjun's personal homepage also showed that "the account does not exist or has been deleted."

  Previously, on the personal homepage of Peng Yangjun's "New Studio", you can see that he was responsible for directing commercials for Cadillac LYRIQ, BMW 4 Series, MINI, Mercedes-Benz GLE, JEEP New Wrangler and other models.

Audi copywriting involved plagiarism, Honda advertising is accused of imitating experience

  After the ferment of the Audi commercial, the advertising problem of auto companies has attracted more attention.

According to multiple media reports, an advertisement for Honda was also accused of plagiarism.

  The commercial was released by the video account "Qi Pai", titled "The Story of Mingyue Village and Me: It is the company of UR-V, so that the love lives up to expectations", which was reprinted by Dongfeng Honda's official public account and released by "Qi Pai" this video.

  After the video was released, Ning Yuan, the founder of Chengdu Yuanjia brand, publicly stated that the "manager" in the Honda advertising video said that he had lived in Mingyue Village for five years, and the "manager"'s entrepreneurial story completely misappropriated his own life. experience.

Used as a commercial advertisement without consent, hope there is a reasonable explanation.

Image source: Apology letter from the company involved.

  In this regard, Chengdu Autopai Zhixin Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which belongs to "Autopai", issued a response on the morning of May 23, saying: "We shot a video "Me and Mingyue Village's Story: It is UR- With V's company, let love live up to expectations" I sincerely apologize to Ms. Ning Yuan."

  "Automobile" admitted that this video was shot in the offline space of "Far Home" in Mingyue Village founded by Ning Yuan, and Ning Yuan and his team were not informed of the commercial shooting purpose before and after the shooting (Honda UR-V car owner short film), and The content of the filming is similar to Ms. Ning Yuan's experience, which has caused emotional damage and adverse impact on Ning Yuan and her team.

"The video and related graphic pushes have now been removed from the shelves."

  In response to this matter, Zhongxin Finance called the relevant person in charge of Dongfeng Honda.

The other party said: "The relevant information has been received and is currently being resolved and communicated internally."