The annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Although the festival customs are different across the country, basically every household will hang a handful of wormwood outside the door.

Now in Nanyang, Henan, this "small wormwood", which can be bought for a few yuan, has developed into a local "big industry".

Especially since the outbreak of the epidemic, everyone has paid more and more attention to health care. The products such as moxa sticks, moxibustion stickers and facial masks produced in Nanyang have not only changed from seasonal products around the Dragon Boat Festival to a regular demand in the health care market, but also with the help of e-commerce such as Pinduoduo. The platform sells well all over the country, and even across the ocean to Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, becoming a "sweet pastry" in the international market.

A few dollars a handful of "small wormwood" has become a characteristic "big industry"

  In early summer, when you walk into Dashiying Village at the foot of Dushan Mountain in Nanyang, the fragrance of wormwood fills the air, making people feel relaxed and happy.

  In this small village, there are dozens of large and small wormwood planting and processing enterprises, many of which have an annual output value of more than 10 million yuan.

Through the development of the wormwood industry, Dashiying Village has already become a well-known "billion-dollar village" and an "e-commerce village". There are hundreds of e-commerce stores in the village dealing with wormwood and agricultural products.

  In the workshop of Nanyang Yaoyibao Wormwood Products Co., Ltd., workers are skillfully operating the machine to further process wormwood. At the same time, boxes of wormwood sticks, essential oils, toiletries, etc. are packed into express boxes. , waiting for the courier to pick up the package and send it to all parts of the country.

Pinduoduo Merchant, Nanyang Yaoyibao Wormwood Products Co., Ltd., the newly renovated factory building has a new look Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  "Since last year, after we integrated two local enterprises and a planting cooperative, the scale of the enterprise has doubled compared to the previous one, and we are developing towards the integration of the three industries and the group." Wang, Sales Manager of Nanyang Yaoyibao Wormwood Co., Ltd. Hai, as a native of Nanyang, witnessed the "small wormwood" for a few dollars, which has become a characteristic "big industry" in Nanyang in recent years, and he was sincerely happy.

E-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo help Ai products be sold from Henan to home and abroad

  According to Wang Hai, starting from 2020, they have begun to focus on the Pinduoduo platform, hoping to make wormwood in their hometown known to more consumers across the country.

Last year, 20 e-commerce talents were introduced to create a live broadcast room of Yaoyibao Health Museum. In 2021, the company's e-commerce marketing business will increase by 50%.

  Not only Yaoyibao, but also driven by the e-commerce boom, many local traditional processing companies have also learned e-commerce operations in their factories. With the help of e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo, Ai products are even more Sold at home and abroad.

  Li Xu, a merchant of Pinduoduo and the sales director of Henan Bangruite Industrial Co., Ltd., was deeply touched by this. According to him, the company is a factory-type enterprise, and now the main sales channel of the company has changed from online to online.

  "In the past, we mainly used offline channels with limited geographical coverage, but in recent years, through the development of online sales channels such as Pinduoduo, the company's sales channels have become more and more diversified. It is also exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions." Li Xu said that at present, the company's products are currently sold in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other southern regions, followed by Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities, and As everyone pays more and more attention to health care, the sales and scope of products are also expanding.

According to him, at present, the company's online sales have exceeded half of its total sales, "Our main e-commerce platform is Pinduoduo, because many of our offline customers are also selling on Pinduoduo, so in fact online The percentage of sales is even higher.”

The product market share is the first in the country, but branding is still a hidden pain in the industry

  Based on the advantages of resources, under the guidance of Nanyang City's "High-quality Development Multiplication Plan for the Axewood Industry", since last year, the local Axemolecule industry has maintained a rapid development trend, and its product market share ranks first in the country. Drive more than 100,000 people to increase their income and become rich.

  However, in the eyes of relevant industry insiders, although the Nanyang wormwood industry has developed rapidly in recent years, branding has always been a hidden pain in the local wormwood industry. But the head brand is always missing.

  This issue has been highly valued by Nanyang City. It is understood that the local government clearly stated that it will increase the popularity and influence of Nanyang wormwood industry by shaping the "Nanyang wormwood" regional public brand and establishing the company's own brand.

At the same time, by cultivating a group of wormwood leading enterprises with a sound modern enterprise management system, strong industry leading ability and innovative research and development ability, we will lead and drive the intensive transformation and development of the industry, consolidate the advantage of the first market share in the country, and start the "world". Aixiang", "Nanyang Ai" and "Zhongjing Moxibustion" brands.


  In fact, many local manufacturers in Nanyang have begun to transform from foundries to create their own brands, and Yaoyibao is one of them. The company has been working hard to develop the brand "Yaoyibao" in recent years.

Wang Hai revealed that they are currently communicating with Pinduoduo Xiaoer to see if they can add tens of billions of subsidies based on their own brands, so that good products can be accepted by more Pinduoduo consumers, and they want to sell a larger share online.

Launch the "New Country Tide" plan to support more local businesses to develop their own brands

  Song Qiuyan, who grew up smelling the fragrance of mugwort, has been focusing on research and development of mugwort patches for many years. As the head of Shengwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., she has become more and more aware of the importance and necessity of enterprise transformation and brand building.

Song Qiuyan also hopes to make her own brand well by taking advantage of the potential energy of Pinduoduo's tens of billions of subsidies.

  "Since last year, we have been going to Nanyang continuously, focusing on offline investment promotion and training. Of course, it is not for simple investment promotion, but for merchants to achieve better development after entering Pinduoduo." According to the personnel, based on these aspects, Pinduoduo has done a lot of training and actions for the development of Nanyang wormwood industry, focusing on brand, operation, factory, C-end and other directions.

Starting from 2021, Pinduoduo will provide business support to local merchants in Nanyang wormwood industry to help merchants sell through the Internet

  According to reports, in order to continue to help the development of the mugwort industry and create a new domestic brand, Pinduoduo launched the "New National Trend" plan on the platform to support domestic merchants to develop their own brands, and to enhance their brands by guiding store opening, improving quality, and increasing product development. Value. "In addition to guiding local factories and enterprises to develop their own brands, Pinduoduo is also introducing the resources of well-known pharmaceutical companies from other provinces into Nanyang for resource integration and grafting.

The above-mentioned staff of Pinduoduo said that in the next step, Pinduoduo will continue to give full play to its platform advantages, promote cooperation with the government and enterprises, and continue to efficiently help build the local wormwood industry belt.

  According to reports, with the strong support of relevant government departments and the help of e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo, local wormwood enterprises are more confident in brand building and future development. Nanyang Yaoyibao Wormwood Products Co., Ltd. was specially established last year. The "Yao Yibao" brand operation center has achieved 80% brand production and marketing.

At the same time, more and more high-tech enterprises such as Henan Bangruite Industrial Co., Ltd. continue to strengthen technological innovation and product research and development to improve product quality and develop brands.