The block of this Kymco DTX125 is quite surprising on the first meters: the scooter sets off with great vigor for a machine of this displacement.

Second observation, the block is particularly generous in vibrations.

But at higher speeds, in addition to substantial wind resistance, we notice that from 90 km/h, the DTX 125 begins to suffer.

At 105 "meter", we already arrive in the red zone.

No miracle: 12 horsepower is quite "limited" on the ring road... On the other hand, even at full speed, RAS in terms of vibrations.


Let's inspect the beast.

Front and rear lighting and LED turn signals, modern and readable LCD dashboard except with the sun in the back, large and wide - beware of short legs to put your feet on the ground - two-seater "Comfort" type saddle, a nice boot lit capable of swallowing a full-face and a jet, a small storage compartment containing a USB socket, another USB socket on the handlebars, effective hand guards and studded tires for the adventurer-enduro look, adjustable brake levers but no angled valves, an easy-to-operate center stand but a fairly short side stand that makes the scooter lean and, finally, a rather tedious keyless switch to use.

Rather complete, as a balance sheet.

In action, the DTX 125 proves to be as responsive as it is easy to handle, both playful and comfortable, except for the suspensions, which are rather dry when the road deteriorates.

Back in town, we find more pleasure to evolve on its handlebars, especially thanks to the reactivity of its single-cylinder which allows you to start vigorously at each green light.

Like all 125s in the Kymco line, the DTX 125 is backed by a five-year parts and labor warranty.

Base price: €4,799.


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