Under the epidemic, the cloud "model" has gradually become popular, and online performances such as "Cloud Theater" and "Cloud Performance" have emerged as the times require, among which online concerts are highly sought after.

The concert many years ago is now "reunited" on the Internet with nearly 100 million views

  In the past two days, singer Jay Chou's two offline concerts a few years ago were re-lived online, attracting a lot of attention, with a total viewing volume of nearly 100 million people.

During the period, as the classic songs were staged in sequence, the familiar melody made many fans recall their youth.

And offline, these tracks also triggered a chorus of the audience.

  According to statistics from relevant platforms, the total viewing volume of the two online concerts was nearly 100 million, setting a new record for the number of online concert viewers.

According to industry insiders, the online concert market has continued to be hot in the past two years.

  Peng Chao, an expert in the live broadcast industry: Due to the epidemic, many offline concerts cannot be held now. With the popularity of mobile terminals, it has become very common to watch such online concerts through mobile phones and tablet computers. The move also brought great popularity.

The transformation of the performance market, the continuous exploration of new technologies and new models online

  In the past two years, a variety of artistic expressions mainly based on offline performances have been moved to the cloud one after another, and various aspects of the performing arts industry are also constantly being explored, resulting in many new changes in the entire performance market.

  The person in charge of the Shenzhen Poly Theater in Nanshan District, Shenzhen told reporters that they resumed work one after another at the end of April, and will have their first performance on May 12. At present, tickets are sold according to no more than 50% of the maximum passenger flow, and the venue is basically full. Since then, they have also been trying to transform online, and so far more than 250 concerts, plays, dances, etc. have been moved to the cloud.

  Fu Junlin, general manager of Shenzhen Poly Theater Performance Management Co., Ltd.: We have launched cloud performances. From the perspective of long-term industry development, we should cultivate some audiences who do not know much about cultural performance arts, so we do some things through the Internet. Popularize and promote it, so that they may enter the theater in the future and appreciate the stage performance art.

  Not only theaters, but also performers, actors and other aspects of the performing arts industry are continuing to explore online transformation under the epidemic.

  Liu Jingfan, a national first-class actor of Tianjin People's Art: The duty of an actor is to perform.

So whether it is performing on stage or online, we will respond and actively do it.

Many of the classic plays performed by theaters in the past were all selected and played online, and the audience responded very strongly. Some of them were watched by more than 100,000 people, which was quite good.

  Pan Yan, Secretary General of China Performance Industry Association: Online performances definitely lack the immersive sense of presence across the screen, but at the same time online performances also have advantages. It is not limited by time and space, and the network is highly interactive. It can enhance the audience's sense of participation from another dimension.

  From offline to online, technical means also need to be constantly innovated. In order to enhance the experience of online viewing, various online performances are currently trying to use virtual reality technology to provide audiences with an atmosphere closer to offline performances and realism.

  Pan Yan, Secretary General of China Performance Industry Association: For example, the application of XR (extended reality) technology, which allows online audiences to see a completely different stage from offline, and the technical application of 360-degree free perspective. There are also the viewing mode of the cloud box, and some new modes have been emerging.

  Industry insiders said that the transformation of the performing arts industry is still in the early stage, and the profit model still needs to be explored.