China News Service, Beijing, May 23 (Reporter Xia Bin) The People's Bank of China successfully issued two RMB central bank bills in Hong Kong on the 23rd, including 10 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) for 3-month central bank bills and 1-year central bank bills. The bills are 15 billion yuan, and the winning interest rates are 2.49% and 2.80% respectively.

  The issuance has been widely welcomed by foreign investors, including banks, central banks, funds, insurance companies and other institutional investors in the United States, Europe, Asia and other countries and regions, as well as international financial organizations. , about 2.3 times the issuance, indicating that RMB assets are more attractive to foreign investors, and also reflects the confidence of global investors in China's economy.

  The People's Bank of China said that at present, its normalized issuance of RMB central bank bills in Hong Kong has not only enriched the series of RMB investment products and liquidity management tools in the Hong Kong market, but also led other entities such as domestic financial institutions and enterprises to issue RMB bonds in the offshore market.

  The People's Bank of China said that in recent years, the number of renminbi government bonds, financial bonds and corporate bonds issued in the offshore market has continued to increase, and the issuance methods and locations have become increasingly diversified, indicating that Hong Kong renminbi central bank bills have played a positive role in promoting the development of the offshore renminbi market.