According to the government, 6 million people have benefited from the 100% health device for dental care since its application in the sector on January 1, 2020. In 2021, approximately 55% of dental prosthetic procedures were performed. without the patients having to pay anything, compared to 20% with a moderate remaining charge within the basket at controlled prices.

But apart from these specific offers, the prices can very quickly climb within the framework of free fees.

Some individuals then choose to turn to low cost

dental centers

, at the risk of sometimes leaving their teeth there.

Thus, five years after the Dentaxia scandal, in which nearly 3,000 people were mutilated, a judicial investigation was opened in the fall of 2021 against the Proxidentaire chain for endangering human health and fraud.

A news that led the Ministry of Health and the National Council of Dental Surgeons to launch a campaign on good practices in oral care places.

Good reflexes

It is thus recalled that all professionals must clearly inform their patient of the care they need, of the treatment offered but also of the existing alternatives, while also giving them the necessary time for reflection.

If it is a question of placing an implant or a prosthesis, also know that your dental surgeon must communicate to you the documents justifying its traceability.

Regarding prices, it is mandatory to submit several quotes when the proposed treatments reach 70 euros.

The professional must in no way encourage you to take out a loan to finance the treatment, nor can he force you to pay in full in advance.

A reasonable deposit may, however, be requested when the cost is high.

Be careful, too attractive prices should alert you and encourage you to get quotes from another dental center.

If necessary, know that you can make a written request to obtain a copy of your medical file in order to send it to another dentist.

The law requires health professionals to provide it within 8 days or within 2 months for files over five years old.


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