According to Vučić, the talks are scheduled for May 24-26.

“I expect a good and decent conversation, as always.

But I also expect three aspects of a possible agreement: volumes are most important for us, at number two is the price, at number three is the reliability of supply, with which we have had no problems so far, ”RIA Novosti quotes him.

The Serbian leader noted that at the moment there are 162 million cubic meters of gas in the Serbian part of the Banatski Dvor gas storage.

meters of gas, in Russia - 123 million cubic meters.


However, there are restrictions on the daily pumping of gas to 5 million cubic meters.

meters, which is several times less than the daily needs of Serbia in the cold months.

“It is important to have another place where we can store gas.

And since it is not easy to create it before building it, it is important that the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban gives us the opportunity to store from 300 to 500 million cubic meters.

they have meters of gas,” Vučić explained.

On May 10, Secretary of State at the French Foreign Ministry Clement Bon expressed the opinion that the introduction of an embargo on Russian oil by the European Union could take place in the near future.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, at an informal meeting of the leaders of the Western Balkans with the EU leadership, shared his concerns about the suspension of oil and gas supplies from Russia to the country due to new sanctions from the European Union.