Original title: Shocked!

The fierce battle for 5 days and 5 nights shot from more than 3 million to 2 billion!

Nearly a million people watched this "mine grabbing war" and went out of the circle

  After 5 days and 5 nights of fierce battles, 3,448 bids, and nearly one million onlookers, the auction of Snowway Mining's controlling stake finally fell at an astonishing high price of 2 billion yuan.

  On the morning of May 21, the auction of 54.2857% equity of Yajiang County Snowway Mining Development Co., Ltd. (“Snowway Mining”) finally came to an end. The natural person Tan Wei successfully bid for the equity at a price of 2 billion yuan.

The transaction price of 2 billion yuan was nearly 600 times higher than the starting price of 3.3529 million yuan.

Auction suddenly heated in the early morning

  The ups and downs of this auction process are staggering.

  The auction was originally scheduled to run from 10:00 on May 16 to 10:00 on May 17 (except for delays). There were 10 bidders and the starting price was 3.3529 million yuan.

In the initial stage, the bidders were more cautious in their bids. There were only 6 bids on May 16, but on the morning of May 17, when the original deadline was approaching, the bidders began to make active bids, and in the last 5 minutes, there were more than 50 bids.

  After the regular auction time is over, this auction will enter an "extra time" with a delay time of 5 minutes each time.

At 11 am on the 17th, the asking price exceeded 100 million yuan.

With the increase of attention, the number of applicants increased to 21, and the number of onlookers was close to one million.

  It is worth noting that the three-day auction process after the "extra time" was tepid. During the period, the price increase was basically the stipulated 50,000 yuan, and there were few bids that were multiples of it.

  At 5:21 in the morning today, this auction came to a watershed, and the bid range suddenly increased. In the case of the previous bid of 900 million yuan, the bidder with the number "139939158" suddenly increased the price to 950 million yuan, and the subsequent increase was several times. There are millions of dollars.

From 5:27 to 6:03, the auction price soared from 1 billion yuan to 1.5 billion yuan.

Until 7:43, the auction price was finally fixed at 2 billion yuan, and the bidder Tan Wei with the number "141243314" successfully bid.

  A total of 3,448 bids were made in this auction, of which Tan Wei only bid 18 times.

Tan Wei made his first bid at 5.21am today and a subsequent bidder raised his bid significantly.

  Regarding Tan Wei, a natural person who successfully bid, the announcement did not give detailed information, and no relevant public information was found on the Internet.

Relevant bids attract attention

  A reporter from China Securities Journal noticed that compared with the multiple bids made by other bidders, Tan Wei had not made any bids before, and the first bid occurred at 5 am.

  Not only Tan Wei, but after a large number of records retrieval, the reporter found that the bidder numbered "139939158" had concentrated a large number of bids on May 17, but then "stands on the sidelines" until 5:00 this morning. ”, which is directly higher than the previous bid by 91.45 million yuan, and the bid in the previous few minutes has been maintained at a price increase of 50,000 yuan.

  The bidder with the number "140748948" can be called "the most affectionate runner".

According to incomplete statistics, he participated in this auction for at least 2 days and made multiple bids, but in the end he lost to Tan Wei with a mere 50,000 yuan offer.

  The auction announcement stipulates that the buyer will sign the auction transaction confirmation document at the manager's office with the original copy of the payment voucher, relevant identity materials, entrustment procedures, etc. within 5 working days after all the transaction payment has been paid (it will be postponed in case of holidays).

  It is worth noting that there is a risk of failure in this auction.

After the auction is concluded, the deposit originally locked by the bidder of the subject matter will be automatically transferred to the account designated by the administrator.

The buyer shall pay the balance of the auction transaction price (the balance after deducting the deposit) into the account designated by the administrator within 7 working days from the time of the transaction.

If it is overdue, it will be regarded as a breach of contract by the buyer, and the bidding deposit will not be refunded.

  The starting price was 3.3529 million yuan, and the transaction price was as high as 2 billion yuan.

In the face of the huge price difference, many industry insiders said that from the perspective of bidders' transaction behavior characteristics and public information, there is a great risk in being able to fulfill their payment obligations, and the possibility of disrupting the situation cannot be ruled out.

  The announcement shows that the buyer's failure to pay the bid price or to go through the handover procedures overdue is an act of regret.

If the buyer regrets the auction, the administrator can re-bid, and the deposit paid by the buyer will not be refunded.

In the event of re-bidding after regretting the auction, the original buyer shall not participate in the bidding.

The registration deposit for this auction is 335,300 yuan.

Relevant asset prices diverge

  Regarding the transaction price of 2 billion yuan, reporters from China Securities Journal interviewed many people in the industry, and most of them expressed surprises.

  For the price of this equity asset, there are big differences in the market.

Snowway Mining owns the detailed exploration and exploration rights of Dechalongba lithium mine and quartzite mine in Yajiang County, Sichuan Province.

  Despite its considerable lithium reserves, the core assets held by Snowy Mining have associated risks.

According to the "Announcement on the Public Recruitment of Intended Investors", Snowway's exploration rights have expired on June 30, 2021. Three exploration rights reservations have been handled before, and the fourth time exploration rights reservations are currently being processed.

Due to the suspected violation of laws and regulations in the stage of obtaining and adding minerals to the prospecting license, the relevant administrative departments are organizing investigations.

Therefore, the prospecting rights reservation work is progressing slowly and there is a risk of the loss of the mining rights.

  "This is an equity auction in which the prospecting rights have expired but not renewed, and the case and debt are involved." An authoritative expert who has been concerned about the western Sichuan lithium mine for a long time told a reporter from China Securities Journal that Snowway's assets are relatively complex.

  In terms of price setting, the above-mentioned prospecting rights held by Snowway Mining were auctioned on the Jingdong Judicial Auction Network in January last year, with a starting price of 892 million yuan.

  An executive of a domestic listed lithium company revealed that the company's internal assessment of the reasonable price of the Dechalongba lithium mine held by Snowway Mining was around 300 million yuan.

Earlier, the company frequently deployed lithium ore resources, but adopted a "onlooker" strategy in this auction.