Organizations offer solutions that support smart transformation and simplify hotel procedures

Smart technologies are the most prominent trends in the hospitality sector after “Covid-19”

  • The activities of the "Arabian Travel Market 2022" were recently concluded in Dubai.


  • Narij Sathit: "Transformation to smart systems is one of the most important criteria for the competitiveness of hotel establishments."


Finally, participants in the "Arab Travel Market 2022" exhibition, which concluded in Dubai, said that the expansion of smart technologies is one of the most prominent trends in the hospitality sector at present, pointing to new initiatives in the sector, and the introduction of innovative smart services that support smart transformation in the hospitality and tourism sector. Including a smart application that provides a comprehensive experience to automate transactions by booking and managing services, the times of the destinations that tourists want to visit, and check-in and check-out.

As well as using smart phones and a “smart bracelet” to enter hotel rooms instead of traditional keys.

technology initiatives

Bharat Raj, a senior systems engineer at Ben Labs for technical solutions in the hospitality sector, said that the most prominent trend in the current "Arab Travel Market" session is to adopt and launch smart technology initiatives in the hospitality sector, pointing out that the repercussions of the "Covid-Covid" pandemic. 19» was one of the main catalysts for the expansion of these initiatives, with the need for smart solutions to avoid touching or direct contact with employees of hotels and tourism institutions.

He revealed that the institution has developed a smart application in the tourism and travel sector that provides a comprehensive experience to automate transactions, by booking and managing services in the hotel through the application, as well as booking and managing the dates of the destinations that the tourist wishes to visit, with the reservation and management service for airline tickets, and allowing the search for tickets for the most appropriate destinations. and manage it.

He pointed to the current competition, whether between companies working in developing smart solutions for hospitality and tourism, or between hospitality institutions themselves, in adopting long-term plans for a partial or comprehensive smart transformation.

smart solutions

For his part, Director of Communication and Marketing at the Candima Hotel Group, Narij Sathit, said that the transformation of smart systems is one of the important basic criteria for the competitiveness of hotel institutions, pointing out that the pandemic has supported the expansion of these technologies.

He added that the group has introduced smart solutions in its hotels based on the use of a "smart bracelet" to enter hotel rooms instead of traditional keys or cards.

He explained that the group also provided virtual reality technology in hotel rooms and hospitality facilities before booking, to choose the type of room and the interface it overlooks, as well as a smart application that allows check-in or check-out procedures, ordering food, room services, knowing the dates and locations of entertainment events, and restaurants.

He stressed that smart services in the hospitality sector provide added value to guests, and therefore competitiveness is high in that sector.

"automated billing"

In the same context, Obaida Khalil, director of product development at HyperPay for electronic payment in the Middle East and North Africa, said that the company launched, through the exhibition, a smart application for automated billing in the hospitality sector.

He explained that the application preserves the data of customers safely, and provides several ways that enable the customer to pay his bills, and the supplier has the right to manage his business and payments, pointing out that the application allows hotel management to collect payments outside its geographical scope without complications, and also makes it easier for guests to make their reservations, through a simplified registration process to register Arrival and departure.

• Smart Entry

Sales manager at Hyde Dubai Hotel, Islam Jamal, said that the smart transformation in hospitality institutions has become a competitive trend, which is why many hotels have recently expanded in these technologies.

He added that Hyde Dubai is developing a smart mechanism that allows entering rooms using smart phones, without the need to use traditional access cards.

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