There is a growing movement among major department stores to introduce a service called "social gifts," which allows gifts to be given to people who do not know their address through SNS, etc., as the market is expected to expand.

For social gifts, when the giver selects a product on the Internet and makes a payment, a dedicated URL is sent to the other party's SNS or email, and the recipient enters the address to have the product delivered, or the product is delivered at the store. It is a mechanism that can be redeemed.

Regarding this social gift, Isetan Mitsukoshi has doubled the sales of its dedicated site, mainly cosmetics and sweets, from the previous year, and doubled the number of items it handles to nearly 4000 items. We are strengthening.

Takashimaya also started the service from this month at the newly opened online store.

Both companies expect that demand will continue to increase in the future as the number of cases where friends do not know their addresses is increasing and there is a strong tendency to refrain from face-to-face contact due to Korona-ka, and Isetan Mitsukoshi's manager Yuka Shigematsu "The way gifts are given has changed with the times, and I want to provide a new experience."

According to the private research company "Yano Research Institute", the market size of social gifts is expected to be about 320 billion yen next year, which is about twice as large as before the spread of infection, and it is a service among retailers. The movement for strengthening is becoming active.