Zhongxin Finance, May 23 (Reporter Li Jinlei) In 2022, the number of fresh college graduates in my country exceeded the 10 million mark for the first time, reaching 10.76 million, an increase of 1.67 million year-on-year, and both the scale and increment reached a record high.

The employment of young people such as college graduates is related to people's well-being, economic development and the future of the country.

However, under the impact of the epidemic and other factors that exceeded expectations, the downward pressure on the economy has increased. How to ensure employment and allow more young people to find jobs has become a top priority right now.

Job security becomes a high-frequency word

  According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the national urban surveyed unemployment rate was 6.1 percent in April, up 0.3 percentage points from the previous month.

The surveyed unemployment rate for the 16-24 age group reached 18.2%.

  In the past month,

job security has become a high-frequency word in important meetings such as the executive meeting of the State Council.

  On May 18, a symposium on stabilizing growth, stabilizing market entities and ensuring employment was held, requiring efforts to stabilize growth, ensure employment and ensure basic livelihoods through stabilizing market entities.

  On May 11, the executive meeting of the State Council proposed that fiscal and monetary policies should be oriented to give priority to employment.

  On May 5, the executive meeting of the State Council deployed further relief measures for small, medium and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households to ensure stable employment of market players.

  On April 27, the executive meeting of the State Council decided to intensify the policy of stabilizing jobs and promoting employment to maintain stable employment and stable economic operation. It is required to consolidate the responsibilities of various localities to stabilize employment as the content of government performance assessment, and creatively implement them to ensure the completion of the annual employment target.

  The annual employment target for 2022 is to create more than 11 million new jobs, and 4.06 million new jobs in cities and towns nationwide from January to April.

Against this background, such high-frequency official actions highlight the importance and urgency of stabilizing employment at present.

  How to stabilize employment?

Zhang Yi, Dean of the Institute of Social Development Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the "China New Observation" column of Chinanews.com that it is necessary to efficiently coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and classify the country in the process of dynamic clearing to avoid Strictly distinguish high-risk, medium-risk, and low-risk areas across the board to prevent the spread of epidemic prevention and control, and to overcome the negative impact of the epidemic as soon as possible.

  "The key is to stabilize the market players." Zhang Yi said that there are now 150 million market players in China, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the main body of employment, but they have poor resistance to economic fluctuations, and now small and medium-sized enterprises lack confidence. , dare not invest, so dare not recruit new employees.

Therefore, special care must be given to small, medium and micro enterprises. Only by stabilizing market players can employment be stabilized.

job-seeking students.

(Data map) Photo by Liu Zhankun

"Combination punch" to reduce burden, stabilize jobs, and expand employment

  At present, from the central government to the local government, from colleges and universities to employers, the measures to stabilize employment have been increased frequently, and the "combination punch" of reducing burden, stabilizing jobs, and expanding employment has been launched to help college graduates find employment.

  At present, a series of measures have been introduced to support market entities in stabilizing their jobs.

Continue the implementation of the phased reduction policy for unemployment and work-related injury insurance, allow the impoverished industries to postpone the payment of three social insurance premiums, raise the standard of unemployment insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises to stabilize their jobs, strengthen the implementation of policies such as social security subsidies and training subsidies, and launch a one-off Training subsidies for job retention to help enterprises stabilize and expand jobs.

  The General Office of the State Council recently issued the "Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in the Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Graduates and Other Youth", requiring multiple channels to develop jobs,

expand the scale of enterprise employment, and set up "red lights" and "green lights" to promote the healthy development of the platform economy. , leading to more employment.

  Since March this year, the Ministry of Education has launched a national special campaign for college secretaries and principals to visit enterprises and promote employment, making every effort to open up more employment and entrepreneurship jobs and opportunities.

In May, "Employment Promotion Week" was held, and colleges and universities across the country held more than 15,000 job fairs, providing more than 800,000 jobs in total; the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security launched a special campaign for 100-day, 10-million online recruitment, which will last until August 25 .

  All regions are also "showing their magical powers". Guangdong issued the top ten action plans for college graduates' employment and entrepreneurship in 2022. The province's public institutions provide at least 68,000 recruitment positions, and strive to achieve the completion rate of the province's new college graduates' graduation destination by the end of July this year. 70% % or more, and more than 90% before the end of the year.

  Zhang Yi said that for enterprises, the competition in the future must be the competition of talents, and the more in the process of economic downturn, the more they need to select some talents with innovative ability and development prospects to their own enterprises.

Data map: Several college students are waiting in line for interviews.

Photo by Liu Lixin

Support flexible employment

  It is worth noting that under the pressure of

employment, more and more people choose flexible employment and slow employment.

  According to the "2022 College Student Employability Survey Report" released by Zhaopin, the proportion of freelance and slow employment has increased by about 3% compared with last year.

  The state also supports self-employment and flexible employment, clearly supports college graduates to start their own businesses, and provides policies such as one-time start-up subsidies, start-up guaranteed loans, interest discounts, and tax reductions and exemptions.

College graduates are supported to give full play to their professional strengths to engage in flexible employment, and social insurance subsidies will be given to college graduates who have not been employed within the year of graduation and within 2 years of leaving school to achieve flexible employment.

  Li Li (pseudonym), a graduate student at a 211 University in Sichuan who has been looking for a job since September last year, has also become more and more pragmatic in her job-hunting expectations.

"I was quite proud before, I thought I was a 211 University, but now as long as a better company wants me, I will go."

  Li Li said, "Only half of the students in the class have found jobs. Now everyone is more stable, and many people choose to go back to their hometown. Now I should ensure a smooth graduation and continue to look for jobs at the same time. Take your time, there will always be found."

  The "2022 College Student Employability Survey Report" pointed out that 55% of the interviewed graduates lowered their expectations due to external factors such as the economic environment, and the average expected monthly salary dropped by about 6% compared with last year.

  Zhang Yi said that in the process of economic fluctuations, it is suggested that college students should adjust their mentality, first find a job to survive, and then seek suitable jobs according to market changes, and their own salary level should be determined on the basis of reality above.

  "At the same time, the pressure of employment cannot be pushed on the universities themselves. The government, enterprises, and college students must find a balance point to help college students better deal with employment problems during the economic downturn and the impact of the epidemic." Zhang Yi Say.

  Zeng Xiangquan, director of the China Employment Research Institute at Renmin University of China, suggested establishing a flexible employment monitoring platform through which some financial support and living support can be provided during difficult times.

Doing a good job in cultivating current young people is a necessary condition for the next round of economic growth, so the short-term employment difficulties encountered are not terrible.

In the long run, how to solve the development of these human resources, provide them with sufficient support, and provide a talent pool for the next round of economic growth, this is the focus of our concern.