Zhongxin Finance, May 21 (Ge Cheng) "It is a difficult choice to focus on being a women's car and give up the popular market." At the ORA Ballet Cat pre-sale held on May 20, ORA Auto CEO Dong Yudong responded to the outside world's doubts about Euler's "eating soft rice".

On the evening of May 20, Dong Yudong, CEO of ORA Automobile, announced the pre-sale price of Ballet Cat.

Photo courtesy of ORA

  Earlier, ORA Auto announced that it would be a "car brand that loves women more", which has been questioned by many.

Why are cars separated by men and women?

Is it advisable to give up half of the market only for women's needs?

Consumers and industry insiders have raised doubts about the ORA brand's choice of "niche" markets.

  In Dong Yudong's view, only by differentiation can brands break through.

He emphasized that in the process of brand creation, ORA found that women accounted for a large proportion of car owners, which is also an important reason why ORA firmly chose the path of differentiation.

  The female-only features also make Ballerina unique in terms of appearance.

The whole vehicle is dominated by arc curves, with a strong retro style, which is incompatible with the current design style of automobiles.

In this regard, Dong Yudong said: "No one stipulates that a car can only have straight lines and sharp edges and corners. The round shape and elegant arcs that conform to the feminine temperament were once the iconic aesthetics of a certain era. Fashion is a kind of reincarnation. ."

  Although it is a female-only model, the pre-sale price of Ballet Cat is not low, as high as 193,000-223,000 yuan, which is much higher than the previous black cat and white cat models that seized the market with the advantage of cost performance.

In response, Dong Yudong said: "Ballet cat has a number of new standards for women's cars, which is not only the core value of this product, but also the deep soft power asset of the ORA brand."

  Due to the suspension of the black cat and white cat models, the ORA brand of Great Wall Motors was once in the air of public opinion.

Dong Yudong once said at the time: "Black cat and white cat bicycles lost more than 10,000 yuan, and it is helpless to stop production."

  With the advent of the new energy era, the demand for automobiles has gradually changed, from "pan-models" demanded by the public to "precise models" for specific groups of people.

Some manufacturers have launched products that can meet the special needs of consumers, and are also trying to make breakthroughs in price.

  For a long time, in order to get rid of the entanglement of "cost performance" in the bottom market, Euler's goal is to enter the waist market.

The Ballerina is a model that ORA is trying to enter into a higher-level market, but its female-only features have yet to be tested by the market.