Zhongxin Finance, May 22. As the allegations of plagiarism in Audi commercials continued to ferment, Zhongxin Finance noticed that a BMW commercial filmed by Peng Yangjun, the director of the above-mentioned Audi commercials, was no longer available on multiple platforms. Open to watch.

  The commercial is titled "Liangcang x New BMW 8 Series".

Some netizens pointed out that the composition, mirroring, and pictures of the commercial are very similar to the MV shot by foreign artist SOHN, which can be described as another example of "pixel-level" plagiarism.

  At present, the video cannot be opened and viewed on multiple platforms such as iQiyi and Youku.

  Previously, the Audi commercial film "Little Man" by Peng Yangjun was accused of plagiarism, and the video has been removed from the shelves.

Audi and advertising company Shangsi Advertising successively issued statements to apologize.