(Shanghai War Epidemic Record) During the "Shanghai" movement: more than 1,100 key production enterprises in Pudong resume work and production

  China News Service, Shanghai, May 21 (Reporter Li Shuzheng) As the epidemic prevention and control situation in Shanghai improves, Pudong New Area, where manufacturing and emerging industries gather, press the "accelerator button" for resumption of work and production.

  The reporter learned from the Shanghai Pudong New Area Science and Technology and Economic Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Science and Technology Commission) on the 21st that as of the 19th, more than 1,100 key production enterprises in Pudong have resumed work and production.

  Guaranteeing the production of key industries is one of the important tasks for Shanghai to stabilize its economy.

Among them, the integrated circuit manufacturing industry, which plays the role of "ballast stone" in the industrial chain, is particularly important.

In Pudong, a large number of integrated circuit companies are gathering.

  In SMIC's production workshop in Zhangjiang, Pudong, machines are still running; more than 5,000 employees have been sticking to their posts during the epidemic.

In order to help enterprises overcome the difficulties caused by the separation of the factory area and living area, Pudong New Area provides strong support, and the safety production of weaving enterprises is closed.

  As one of the main suppliers of new energy vehicle chips in China, Shanghai Jita Semiconductor Lingang Plant has prepared various epidemic prevention and control plans in advance before the implementation of static management in Shanghai, with continuous closed production, maintaining more than 98% of the normal production capacity run.

  According to the Science and Economic Commission of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, according to the characteristics of special industries such as integrated circuits, Pudong New Area ensures the continuous production of integrated circuit enterprises in accordance with the method of "non-stop production, alternate mining, full coverage, point-to-point, and no aggregation".

  As the forefront of reform and opening up, Pudong has gathered a large number of foreign-funded enterprises, and whether foreign-funded enterprises can resume work and production smoothly is related to the stability of the global supply chain.

  Official data shows that at present, 204 foreign-funded production enterprises in Pudong New Area have resumed work and production, and their production capacity has reached more than 30% of the pre-epidemic level.

The production capacity of Siemens Medical, Shenmei Beverage, Keibo Seat and other enterprises has recovered by more than 80%, and the production capacity of BASF, Molex Connector, ABB and other enterprises has recovered by 70%.

  On May 11, a car ro-ro ship loaded with more than 4,767 Tesla electric vehicles set off from Shanghai Nangang Wharf and sailed to Slovenia.

This is the first batch of electric vehicle exports from Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory since the resumption of production on April 19.

"We have seen the ability of all walks of life to cope with challenges during the resumption of work, and we believe that production will soon return to normal," said Tao Lin, Tesla's global vice president.

  Since the resumption of work and production on April 19, Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory has rolled off 10,000 vehicles by the end of April without fully restoring production capacity.

From January to April 2022, Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory has delivered more than 180,000 vehicles, more than 1.7 times the delivery volume in the same period last year, and has surpassed the factory's full-year delivery volume in 2020.

After the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory resumed work and production on April 19, the first batch of whole ships exported electric vehicles.

Photo courtesy of the interviewed company

  According to Song Gang, senior director of manufacturing at Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory, many Tesla parts suppliers in Shanghai have also resumed work at the same time as Tesla's resumption of work. largest area.

At the same time, Tesla suppliers located in Zhejiang Province are also actively linking up to ensure production under the guidance of the government, and opening up logistics to support Tesla vehicle manufacturing.

  "Automotive is an industry with a very long industrial chain. Tesla's resumption of work means that we have many suppliers to resume work to ensure the stability and continuity of our production." Tao Lin said, To this end, Tesla has sorted out more than 100 suppliers in its industrial chain to provide assistance to relevant departments.

  Shanghai Pudong New Area Science and Technology Commission said that in the next step, it will pay close attention to important small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial chain of leading foreign-funded enterprises, and promote their resumption of work and production.